Thursday November 23 2017

Moving on is the best revenge for an ex

Moving best revenge ex

The best remedy of heartbreak is finding inner happiness. COUTRTESY PHOTO 

By Christine Nakalungi

Break-ups can be challenging because you cannot completely ignore the damage that left your heart bleeding but like they say, “quitters never win”. Once things are over, some people completely lose it and put up a fight, which they never win. Seeking to hurt your ex, turning your love into hatred and calling him all ugly names will only bounce back to you.

The numerous outbursts and tears will not save your lost relationship. Instead, this will make you look desperate and pathetic. Once things are over, you have to figure out a way back to the dating market. Just do not give-up on love; give it a second or a 100th chance until it finally brings you the right one.
Nothing is more tormenting than seeing your ex showcasing his new catch to all the friends who once warned you about him but you kept a deaf ear. And so, you are left alone to figure out a way out of this cobweb.

I agree that the feeling of going through life alone drains the hope in you. That regardless of how many layers of make-up you wear, you do not feel pretty because if you were, he would not have left you for another. Well, that is a whisper from the devil’s agent called ‘depression’ but do not listen.
Take time to nurse the wound and close that chapter because hey, you have to stand in that mirror again and again until you find your true beauty. You have to find a way of reviving yourself because if you die in this movie, it is your life at stake and not your ex’s. No need to rush to replace him because you might crush in the process but still, there’s no point in waiting forever.

Truth is; it is so heartbreaking knowing that he is now with another woman and not you, but instead of stalking him and begging him to come back to you, pull yourself together and jump on the love boat before it takes off and leaves you on a lonely island.
My dear sister/brother, if you are to move on; I pray that fate compensates your pain with someone double what your ex was. Just do not be afraid to move on.
You might be scared of the future but you cannot live in the past forever. Deciding to date again is medicine to the broken heart that has been holding you captive.
Set yourself free and love again. It is the best revenge you can ever give your ex not burning his house and calling him/her all kind of names. Your happiness matters the most. And if he finds out that he is not part of that, it will hurt him.