Thursday September 14 2017

My ex-girlfriend ruined my date with new girl

By Eugene Mugisha

You know how small this city can get when it wants to. Small enough that you cannot even go for a date without running into an ex. And yet it is not that you have many exs, it’s simply that these things have a way of conspiring against you. Anyway, last weekend I stepped out with a girl I had asked out for coffee. I chose a secluded place because I did not want us to be interrupted, and I honestly liked the girl so I wanted to enjoy her company fully.
But apparently, some man I know through another friend had exactly the same plans as me.
And to make it worse, they girl he was with was an ex of mine, one that did not leave on very good terms. When they walked in, we had been there for at least half an hour, and well settled in.
The conversation was going very smoothly, when suddenly I looked up and saw my ex walking towards me. For an instant I thought she was coming for me, I did not even see the man beside her. Then I noticed him, and realised with great relief that she was there on a date as well. I sighed with relief.
But then, on closer inspection I realised I knew the man; at the same instant he must have noticed me too. In such cases, you simply nod a greeting and continue on your way.
If you have to come over to greet, it is considered civilised and polite to keep it short. This man, grinning widely on noticing me, decided on the latter.
He walked over, and for some strange reason, decided to start catching up right there and then. Introductions were made all round.
My ex- was actually now his girlfriend. I did not tell him she was my ex, and she also did not volunteer the information. But her boyfriend was only getting started. Suddenly, for no reason at all, he suggested we do a double date.
For a double date, there must be a minimum level of friendliness. At least two of the people must be good friends. We were not. I hardly knew the man. My ex hated me still, I was certain of that and I could see from her shocked expression.
My ex and I said, ‘no’ at the same time. I hastened to explain that we were in fact almost done, we would not be staying long (we had just placed our orders for a bite). I saw my date give me a puzzled look, but she kept quiet. The man insisted they, too, were not staying long, just some coffee and off they would go.
He started pulling a seat for his girlfriend. I started getting up to show how serious I was about us leaving, but thankfully his girlfriend refused to sit.
After saying goodbyes, they started to walk away. I hoped they would walk to a faraway table for two reasons; one, so they would not be able to see that we were not leaving. And two, so that I would not have to see my ex the whole evening.
I had nothing against her, but hey here I was trying to start a new relationship, I did not want to be reminded of that past relationship all evening. It would dampen my mood, and I am sure there was a high level of animosity radiating from her.
The man picked out a table right across ours. I could see them just by looking up. My date noticed my agitation and asked if everything was okay. I told her I would answer on our way.
Yes, we were leaving. I asked that our food be prepared for takeaway, and on the way dropping her off at her place I explained everything. But I need not have, she had already figured there was something between me and that girl.
We laughed about it, but it had spoilt a rather very pleasant evening. And I am sure my new catch was wondering how many of my exs I had running around town, for the coincidence of meeting one on our very first date.