Thursday June 19 2014

Not anyone who wears pants is a good man

By Kiiza Akiiki

I will not blame this on any one, but normally when girls are growing up, they tend to be so excited about the kind of men they will meet or marry – I wanted to get married to a mzungu, not because I thought they have a lot of money or that I would fly overseas so easily. My only reason was to have beautiful half caste babies.

However, as time went by, the urge died out, as I also grew impatient. I couldn’t imagine myself spending the whole night in the cold, mbu waiting for a mzungu to come my way. So I just loosened up and asked God for any person, this time with different qualities. And trust God to be so lenient!

The same can’t be said of then 16-year-old Jennifer, now 22, and how she ended up in a mess she thought was a golden opportunity.
While in her Senior One, a charming, young rich man came her way. She was deeply in love, and before long, poor girl had conceived.

Sadly though, her knight run away and denied the pregnancy, he never called or visited her – he wanted nothing to do with her. So the girl’s grandmother had to carry the burden.

Nine months later she had a beautiful baby girl, but still the man didn’t want to know. She never got money for clothes, milk, food or anything. The unemployed old woman had nothing to offer the two, apart from shelter.

Her silly uneducated friends advised her to abandon the innocent baby. Her efforts to try and extract money from the man and his family instead earned her misunderstanding and hatred.

It indeed became hard for her, because once, she ended up behind bars because of her unruly ways and neglecting the child. Even when she got some money, she misused it.

Eventually the man came and took his child and after three years, Jennifer was back crying and asking for a chance to see her child.
But who would trust her again? Even the little girl does not recognise her now; she knows the step-mother as mummy for the love and care she gives.

For the six or seven months she stayed with the child, Jennifer’s only concern was money. Like this little girl, many women are often blind-flooded by money when getting into a relationship. But money is nothing. 16 may seem old today, but imagine such naivety, and to think she even had to deal with the discovery that Mr nice-looking was married with children!