Thursday February 13 2014

Nursing a broken heart on Valentine’s Day

By Gloria Haguma

Untrue as it may sound, I have actually never celebrated Valentine’s Day. While other girls my age, are in the salons getting their hair touched up as they look forward to a little spoiling from their loved ones, tomorrow I will be somewhere in my bed turning and tossing.

For some reason, whenever this day comes, I am either single or even worse, nursing a broken heart.
The one Valentine’s Day that comes close to celebration was two years ago while I was still at campus. It stands out, because I was not only going to be alone [at least as I thought], but also because my then boyfriend had the audacity to break up with me two weeks to Valentine’s Day. Let’s say I had seen this coming, but I thought he would at least be kind enough to dump me a few days into March.

I thought having broken up with me two weeks ahead would give me ample time to heal and get over it. How wrong I was! When I sat with my friends and heard them go on and on about how they were planning to spend their Valentine’s Day, I sulked and mourned within. My heart ached more. I thought of all the possible solutions to help me go through this day without feeling like a loner.

Since the day is not recognised as a public holiday, I was glad that at least we would have to attend lectures that day. That meant I would be preoccupied with class all day, with less to think about. My only worry lay in what would happen after the classes.

My number one solace lay in doing something that I really enjoy, and only one thing came to mind - movies! I stocked enough of them to take me through the night. And so while other couples were kissing away the entire evening, I would be brushing away a tear at a scene where the male star in the movie sweeps the starlet off her feet, and kisses her passionately.

However, my evening seemed to be getting a rather interesting twist. While I had planned to be locked up in my room, at least four of my friends make a point to stop by my room, with some asking if I had a nice clutch they could borrow or if their dress was a great choice.

The look of excitement on their faces was a great contrast to the blank look on my face. I didn’t know how to be happy for them when I was on the other hand, dealing with my own sore heart. Anyway, that was two years ago, and I managed to pull through it.

Unfortunately, this year will be no exception. Even though I don’t hope to be nursing a broken heart, I will be part of the numerous singletons who will be braving the evening traffic to get home, away from all the city chaos, and the Valentine’s merry-making that will fill the air tomorrow.

But on second thought, how about I do something really exciting? Like, be a girl on mission, with intent to make this my most memorable and exciting Valentine’s Day? I have an idea. Don’t ask what.