Thursday March 6 2014

Of first meets

By Rosie

The first time I went for a blind date was at campus. They say never say never, but I must say this will be an exception. God I hate the anxiety that comes with meeting someone you do not know at all, and everything you know about them is actually mysterious.

Thing is, I used to work in an Internet kiosk after my classes, so I had an evening job. I had the luxury of accessing the Internet from 7pm till midnight, and trust a girl to sign up to about five dating sites. Though it started out as just a fun thing to do, somehow it got interesting, so were a couple of lads I connected with.
So one evening, I made a date with this man, who was working with a ‘telecom’ company - or was he? [Still a mystery]. We met at a coffee shop around campus because I did not want to take much risk at a secluded place. I was nervous, and when we sat down, we just stared at our coffees and liked the paint on the walls.

Reading this week’s story about a couple who were just matched by their relatives, I can’t help but imagine what their first meeting was like; their expectations, fears, hopes, what to wear and how nervous they must have felt. Photos were exchanged prior to their meet and then two months later, they were married. Read about the Luswatas and see how they ended up at the aisle. Cheers!