Thursday July 17 2014

Olivia was on her way to a funeral

Olivia Katusiime.

Olivia Katusiime. 

By Rosie Amodol

Did Olivia say YES?? …..When you hear romantic stories and proposal gestures out of the ordinary, all you can think of is movies.

Today July 17, 2014 has, however, set a new trend for men, after a young man proposed to his girlfriend in the Daily Monitor Heart to Heart pullout. Although today will spell sweet memories for Olivia Katusiime, it will also be a reminder of a sad occurrence for her and her family. The bride-to-be now, was on her way to Mbarara to bury a relative when a friend rang to inform her about the newspaper proposal! "And she said YES. You should have seen it when her friend called her to tell her about the article," Emmanuel Tugume tweeted with joy. It is true, like they say, you just can never plan anything!