Monday August 21 2017

Patient turned spouse

John Bosco and Harriet. Courtesy Photo

John Bosco and Harriet. Courtesy Photo 


When and how did you meet?
John Bosco: I had gone for Eucharistic adoration (a practice in the Roman Catholic, Anglo-Catholic and some Lutheran traditions, in which the Blessed Sacrament is exposed and adored by the faithful) on a Thursday at Rubaga Cathedral, when I first saw Harriet. I picked interest in her but did not approach her. I secretly had to follow up, to know where she works, her daily schedule, where she lives and who her friends were. One day, I went to Mutundwe Clinic, her workplace just to see how she handles patients.
Harriet: I first saw him at the clinic and just like any other patient, I attended to him but he often returned for treatment.

When did he open up to you about his feelings?
Harriet: I do not really remember but as he kept coming for treatment we developed a friendship. However, when he told me that he loved me and wanted to settle with me, I thought he was pulling my leg. To confirm how serious he was, I asked if he would meet my two brothers and tell them more.

What attracted you to each other?
John Bosco: She took my attention at church but I took time monitoring her secretly to find out more about her personality. Knowing that she was not in any relationship drew me closer. I also got to know how hardworking, caring, understanding and respectful she was to people around her.
Harriet: He is God-fearing, understanding and respectful . When I asked him if he could meet my brothers, he accepted and took another step to visit my father without my knowledge which also proved to me how determined he was.

How long was your courtship?
John Bosco: We dated from June 2013.

When did you propose to her?
John Bosco: In August last year [2016] at Ivy’s Hotel in Wakaliga. I invited her for a cup of coffee but I did not make it special in any way because she already had a special place in my heart. However, I had planned for more than one month but still I had fears about what her reaction would be.

What was your reaction when he proposed?
Harriet: On that day I did not accept, I had a mixed feelings about him . I cried but later on my actions proved to him that I had accepted him.

How did your parents react when you told them about him?
Harriet: My father knowing that I had graduated with a diploma and I was upgrading for a bachelors, he did not buy the idea of marriage as he wanted me to first pursue a Masters. At some point, he proposed 2018 after my bachelors degree. However, it took him about one month to make the decision on whether I would introduce my fiance to the rest of the family.

When did you start planning for introduction?
John Bosco: As soon as I had met with her father Mr Livingstone Mujjunga, I started thinking about meeting her entire family officially.
Harriet: When my father finally accepted, we started on the plans but it took us a year to get everything done. That was from January 2016 to January 2017 when I officially introduced him.

How did you come up with your budget?
John Bosco: I started drafting the budget immediately after Harriet’s father accepted me. I wrote down the items I thought we would need for the success of our ceremony then gave the budget to Harriet for review and advice.
Harriet: We discussed what we needed and where we could find each item. We started buying items in bits.

How did you raise your funds?
John Bosco: We used 80 per cent from our personal savings and 20 per cent was from the different meetings which started in November and ended on December 15, 2016.

What did you consider when selecting your best man and matron?
John Bosco: Maturity; someone who would advise me and my wife in case of any misunderstandings in our relationship- one who would not take sides. More so, someone prayerful.
Harriet: My younger sister was my matron because I’m her role model and I wish the same would happen to her.

Who dressed you?
Harriet: Mrs Luboyere in Mutundwe. Daphine Beauty Salon Nateete did my makeup and hair.

How much did your gomesi cost?
Harriet: Each of my two gomesis, cost Shs300, 000 and the kitenge at Shs150,000.

How much was your bride price?
John Bosco: Surprisingly my father-in-law is a free person, he asked for ekita kyo mwenge. I felt that he deserved more and I added a bible.

What was the eve and D-day like?
John Bosco: I hardly slept that night and my fear was how we would gather people to set off at once as we were to drive for 36km. However, by 10am we had set off. Nansana was our first meeting point.
Harriet: I went home to prepare myself for the function and my sisters gave me a hand. I did not do anything on my own.

What were the challenges during the preparations?
John Bosco: Prices of different items, when people know you are preparing for a function, they increase the prices. Also at different meetings, people start in big numbers but as time goes by, the numbers reduce.

Do you plan on having a church wedding and when?
John Bosco: Yes, December 15, 2017 at Rubaga Cathedral.

Your advice for someone preparing for the same function...
John Bosco: Prayer unceasingly. You cannot know somebody 100 per cent, give each other enough time.
Harriet: You do not need to spend a lot of money, instead plan with the little you have and spend knowing that there is life after.

Date: January 21, 2017
Groom: John Bosco Lubega
Bride: Harriet Nakatawa
Father-in-law: Livingstone Mujjunga
Bestman: Dr Denis Ssebuggwaawo
Matron: Dorothy Nakayenga
Guests: 700
Venue: Namirembe off Hoima Road.
Budget: Shs30m