Heart to Heart

Pillow talk:The Day One alarm bells

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Posted  Saturday, December 7   2013 at  02:00

When a man finally allows his heart to fall for a woman, he is allowing himself to give away too much. But he will likely stomach it all, even the downright crappy, as long as he will have the woman in the end.

But oh, there are alarm bells that are so loud, you hear them ringing from a mile off, and you run for your life. And that is how it was with this woman, who we shall call Sister Sue.
Sue was a killer. She could not have been anything else. I had no chance at resisting her. She knew this too. You could tell from her tone, in the way she gave you her time - fractions of it, the way she told you that you could only call her between 6 and 8pm, because well, at other times of the day, she was very busy.

And then the first date came. Getting her to accept the date felt like winning a small battle. I do not think there are really that many cocktails, workloads, and family meetings happening on anybody’s circuit, to keep a woman’s evenings occupied for four straight weeks. But she made it look that way.

So finally the date arrived. She reached the table first, stood by the seat as if to say, “Come pull the chair, you good for nothing wimp.” I took the cue, pulled the seat, and allowed the dear lady take her place in the esteemed stature of womanhood.
Then we got talking, about everything and anything. The way it usually is, the man says a few words, usually an open-ended question, and then the woman takes the cue to talk on, for forever. Sister Sue answered with very simple, to the point responses, a “no” here, a “yes” there.

Then we got talking about dating. Suddenly it seemed like her juices had loosened. She began to talk with much more enthusiasm. “All men are the same,” she said.
Fair enough, I thought to myself; I have heard that a million times.

She went on and on, about her qualities in a man. No, she was not just talking about qualities; she was listing all those faults she has seen in the men around her. She wanted a man who, was serious, ready to settle down, with plans of building a home and whatnot on the ready. That sounded like she wanted a man who already had his own house.

By now I was starting to figure, just in case the past month had not been hint enough, that I am in the wrong place.
Then she gasped: “But if I choose to love you now, as broke as you are, and yet you go ahead and cheat, I’ll just kill you.”
To this woman, I did not deserve her affection, not even her attention. It was only a privilege that I even was sitting across the table from where she sat.

Thank you for your time, I told her at the end of the date. It was the last time I would initiate conversation. And I left her, probably with enough ammo to tear me into shreds with her friends, when they next meet.