Thursday April 3 2014

Save the manicurist from your privacy

Pedicurists like to massage, but show them their limits.

Pedicurists like to massage, but show them their limits. PHOTO BY DOMINIC BUKENYA 

By Kiiza Akiiki

I know how pregnancy can make some of us uncomfortable; the mood swings, discomfort of some outfits, the cravings etc. Here is a true story of a man and his expectant wife, who as they were having a drink somewhere, the woman felt like her nails needed a new look. The man drove her to a nearby salon for a manicure.
Since he was busy and couldn’t wait, he left his wife with the manicurist. Now, you know how pregnant women sit, especially when it is hot; legs apart and hands spread behind to support her body.

The woman’s skimpy tight dress could not only provide her comfort but displayed whatever was beneath. The young manicurist was not enjoying the show, but he couldn’t say a word, given the fact that he was working on a rich man’s wife.

Even when the woman realised the damage she was causing, she did nothing. The only option the little man had was to do his job fast enough and get himself out of the temptation the woman was throwing him into.

This sounds like a joke but many manicurists have fallen prey to such careless display of goodies by their clients.
Men have often accused manicurists (cutex boys) of stealing their wives, whom they say caress the women’s thighs in the name of massages. But how would poor manicurist get tempted if the lady was dressed up nicely? Remember, these men are also humans and have feelings just like any other person. My argument is, no matter the condition you are in dear lady, let’s try to dress decently and keep our dignity.

There is a really rich woman, Aunt Rose, who prefers to have her manicure and pedicure done at her home. She’s probably one of those who hate the dust in the city. So, over the weekend, she calls up Herbert, who is always eager to work on her because that one treat will be equal to five clients. Besides leaving with a heavy pocket, Herbert also gets a good treat of breakfast on arrival and a nice meal after work - a bonus for a job well done.

The next time Aunt Rose falls sick, she won’t hesitate to have Herbert to go up to her room to do the nails. Surely what would happen next? To be honest, sometimes these men are accused for nothing. It’s the women who push them into unintended evil acts. Women should know what to wear, where and when. I don’t think a skimpy dress is appropriate when you are going for a pedicure. Then, why would any decent woman let a random man massage her thighs? Just think about it.