Thursday July 24 2014

She woke up one morning and dumped me just like that

By Eugene Mugisha

Funny, but I am one man who only considers a girl my ex if I am the one who left her. And considering that they are the ones who leave me nearly every time (Fine, go on and laugh all you want), I can’t say I have had that many exes. When I end things, it is final. But when she leaves me, I consider her “unfinished business”. Why?

Well, maybe I have issues with letting go, maybe I harbour hope that one day she will be back, or maybe I am simply one of those people with pride issues, the kind that find it difficult to admit that they have been dumped. And talking of dumping, my most memorable was not the most embarrassing, or the most dramatic, but rather the most unexpected.

There was simply no reason for this girl to leave. Even after she left, I kept expecting her to come back and tell me the whole thing had been an extended joke.

We had been dating for about six months, and it was that kind of relationship where you know she is in, way much more than you. I was into the relationship too, but, frankly, years of trust issues do something to you. All things considered, it was a satisfying relationship, and as far as I could tell, we were both in this for the long haul. There was nothing to indicate otherwise until the moment she left me.

My first reaction was to rub it off as a joke, a product of her wild sense of humour. But she was very serious about leaving. No, she was gone. She told me after she was gone. And she wasn’t coming back. And yet, that same day, we had lunched, gone to the movies, and she had headed home, a very loved, loving and contented young woman; I can’t see anything wrong with the events of that day, even up to today.

But then, about an hour later, she came back and told me we were done, just like that. And she left again. And for a while I believed it to be a joke. I even texted her later, “Goodnight, Ex love”, not realising how accurate I was. The next day, we had plans, so I swung by her place. Instead, I talked to her sister, who with a certain finality, informed me that Sarah did not want to see me anymore, and advised me to let her go. But, let her go where?

This was my Sarah, who loved me to the moon and back. I asked her sister what was going on, but, she had delivered her message, and so proceeded to close the door in my face. I called Sarah, she answered and repeated last evening’s message, then hung up! Sarah had hung up on me! I got impatient, and left. I knew she would be back, and if this was one of her jokes, we would talk about setting limits. But she did not come back that day, not the next day, or the next week, or the next year.

In fact, the next time I met her, about three months later, she coolly said hello and walked off. Curious; was I that easy to dump and get over? And what is that about me that would make a girl suddenly ditch me and never look back?