Thursday June 26 2014

Signs he stepped in grandfather’s shoes

By Kiiza Akiiki

Sex is something that happens between two people (okay, ideally), and it takes a settled mind to accomplish it. Thing is, men tend to get complicated sometimes. I mean, even when you try and follow the script; do what he wants, apply those tricks your aunt gave you or take your counsellor’s tips and advice seriously, somehow he will still look for another person.

Honestly, what do men want? Is it just a trend? Maybe some are just trying to keep it in the family – of walking in their great grandparents’ footsteps. I mean, how else will a man earn the prestige he deserves? So, are you that one woman still confused on whether your man has something on the side? Well, here are a few signs that may get you thinking:

How often does he eat at home? Back then when he was head over heels for you, he loved to taste whatever you prepared, but now things have changed. He doesn’t care. And this may be simply because someone else is catering to him, so he wouldn’t want to ‘ruin’ the nice meal he just had. If he helps you, he will eat a little and complain of low or no appetite.

Every time is rush hour: Does he seem like he is always rushing somewhere? How come he never gets to finish that movie or board game with you. Why? Simple! He wants to go away and spend every little minute with his new catch. She is better company now.

His phone book: When you luckily happen to check his phone, you will realise that at least 50 per cent of the telephone numbers have no names attached, and if by any chance you happen to call one of them, it will be a woman’s voice on the other side. But again, he will always make sure that his phone is locked with a password unknown to you. You will never hear his phone ring because it will always be in silent.

Communication: When you met he was a humble man who would not dare raise his voice at you, but now he does not care. He shouts and barks at you like a dog. It is not his business if you get hurt. This means you will not get time to talk to him about anything. He will also start lying to you even when you know the truth.

Appreciation: Remember those days when he said “Thank you, the food was tasty”? That is now in your history books, you do not get to hear it anymore. Take a look at how much effort you take to beautify the house, especially the bedroom and the living room, wash his boxers and shoes, and the biggest sign of appreciation you get is a demeaning look.

Moods: It will be a bit hard understanding his moods or what makes him happy. Today, he will return with a smiley face, and you will see signs of positive energy, meaning everything went as planned. But tomorrow, he will come home very annoyed and he will not even want to interact with you or even look at you. Meaning, things did not go well, either his catch did not turn up or she did something wrong to him.

Gifts: Has he been giving you gifts before? Do they still come in? If he wasn’t before, then they will start coming in, but only those his person did not accept, so you will become like a damping site of sorts.

Sex: His drive must have gone down by now. And even when you get down to it, it will be rushed. He ignores your leads and is always suggesting new things. Ask yourself where he gets the tutorials.

I will not be conclusive on this, because as a matter-of-fact, your man might just be stressed on the job. The guys must be asking, how do I know she is seeing another? Well, let’s keep that for next week.