Thursday May 1 2014

Some things are better left unsaid

By Kiiza Akiiki

Things always look good when we meet the apple of our eyes and sometimes we are too blind to see their flaws. But as communication grows between you and your spouse, arguments will arise.
The fact is that there is no perfect relationship. Every couple has their fights. However, there are things that should never be said, especially if they are about someone’s body features or their relatives. It is disrespectful and may destroy your relationship. Here is a list of some of those things.

You’re stupid
In most cases people argue and when one fails to comprehend, they quickly utter it out. “How can I spend all this time explaining and you fail to understand?” “I thought you were educated but it seems as if you just wasted your parents’ money.”
Such utterances can change everything in your relationship. It implies lack of respect for that person and his or her family. Think of what will happen if that person reveals it to his or her family. Will you still be someone worthy of their son or daughter? I mean, will you still be regarded an in-law? Think about it.

You’re too fat
This is common with men, and is a big insult to any woman. Huh! I am too fat? Didn’t you see this while we dated or married me? How can you tell someone you truly love that she’s too fat? Okay, it might be true but find a polite way to put it. She might have gained the weight after having your baby. So treasure her as she is.
Suggest to take her to the gym, take walks or jog together or put her on diet. If you can’t do this, you might have to deal with her that way.
The moment you accept to be with this person, it means you love them in whatever way.

This is one of the easiest word, even I, use to put everything off; I mean the argument, but instead it puts my fiancée off. To him, it shows pride. It implies I didn’t take his words seriously.

I don’t care
Who says you don’t care? When did it start? It means you’re going to do things your way and are not willing to change either. No one would like to be with a person like you. Realise the need to change or adjust.

I was blinded
This reveals how unready you were for this relationship. It means you had a better choice to make.

By the time someone tells you something, there is a reason. So when a complaint comes up, please listen, and do not disregard what your partner has to say. We all need considerate people in our lives.

You’re cursed
It’s all God’s will that your partner has big, flat feet. You were contented with whatever they had before moving in with them. So please mind about what you say, never fold your finger where there is a lame person. Let’s discuss the rest next week.