Thursday March 27 2014

Thank you! What’s hard about that?

By Kiiza Akiiki

“Thank you honey”. This is the kind of compliment I would wish to hear my partner say whenever I do something nice.
It is, however, unfortunate that sometimes my sweetheart Allan forgets to do so. I don’t really know whether it is something he doesn’t find relevant or he just forgets to do. Sometimes instead of saying it, he just smiles to indicate that he has appreciated what you have done. He is a quiet person, but that can’t be an excuse for his failure to say thanks.

‘Thank you’, may seem like a small word but it means a lot. Imagine a situation where you wake up very early in the morning to prepare a nice and heavy breakfast for your partner. You look forward to seeing them wake up to a surprise, but instead the person just comes to the table, eats it all and walks away - No thank you.

He might say; “That was a really nice meal, I wish you could prepare this everyday”. While growing up, my parents taught us the essence of saying thanks whenever one does or gives something good.

However small or little the thing is, it is very important to always say thank you to your partner. This not only makes the person feel happy, but it shows how valuable and important you are.

Forget the mentality of only thanking when he buys you a new car, sends flowers to your office or when she offers to pay bills for that month. No, it is those little things that matter a lot. Gospel musician Judith Babirye once sang: “Obuntu obwo obutono- tono bwokola bundaga mumutiima wotudde,” (The little things that you do assure me that you have a place in my heart).

It is not a car, plot of land or house that will prove how much you love me, neither will it be the number of times you kiss or hold me. It’s those little things that you treat as minor, that really matter.
The fact is that when I do good and no one appreciates, I don’t get to know whether what I have done is right or not.

Relationship counsellors normally emphasise the need to appreciate each other as a way of showing our spouses that we are happy with what they have done.
Before I moved in with Allan, he used to wear long socks, but during one of my errands in town, I bought him a pair of navy blue ankle socks. I found them really nice, so I thought I would surprise him. When I got home, I made sure he didn’t see what I was carrying.I placed them on the side of his shoe rack.

Oh my! I couldn’t believe what he did when he saw them the following morning. He looked at me, smiled, got up and gave me a fat hug and said thank you four times. I am sure someone can figure how I must have felt.
I went to work smiling and everybody was amused. They wanted to know why I was happy. I wished I could tell them but most of all, today, I wish I could get Allan to be as sweet as then. It is a great feeling to be appreciated, so go on, a little thank you won’t hurt!