Thursday March 13 2014

The STD scare

By Editor’s word

Once I had a rare itching you know where. I thought: “Oh well, just a matter of time and it will go away”. But it was still there on Day Three and kept getting worse and causing me discomfort. I was worried. Because I couldn’t withhold it anymore, I told one of my girlfriends - the one I always feel free to tell ANYTHING private. She told me she had experienced the same, and said it might be an infection. She immediately recommended a prescription. [Please don’t self-medicate].

Although the medicine reduced the itching, I still went to the doctor because I needed to find out what was wrong. I hadn’t “been around”, but somehow, this thing got me worried and scared. I felt embarrassed talking about it to anyone lest they imagined I had gonorrhea or worse. The doctor’s results revealed I had an infection that I could have picked from a public toilet. Wheew!

They say communication is key in every relationship, and I do not deny that, but that experience just got me imagining what it would be like if I had actually been diagnosed with an STD. How would I tell my partner, yet I couldn’t open up to a very close friend or family person with a minor bacterial infection? If they didn’t have it, wouldn’t they abandon me thinking that I was cheating on them? It’s even sadder to imagine that they might have infected me.

Yes, an STD infection is very scary, but it is also one of those things that we cannot hide or run away from, things that could put the people we love in danger. Some STDs like Herpes, HIV, gonorrhea and others, can really be dangerous and if you are diagnosed with any, it’s best that you inform your partner and seek medical help together. You may be amazed by how much support they will give you. Today, we look at how bad an STD infection can get and why you should tell your partner if you ever fell victim.

Cheers and stay safe!