Thursday June 26 2014

The cousin I fell in love with, but lost

By Roland D. Nasasira

All was good at the start for I knew that unless something went wrong, nothing would end our love. I was more than ready to spend the greater, if not the rest of my life, with *Lisa. I still remember that afternoon when I frankly walked to her and told her that I had feelings for her. To my astonishment, she loved me too, only that she hadn’t yet found a way of telling me. That day we kissed and vowed to remain true to each other for as long as we could.

At school, a week wouldn’t go by without me receiving mail from Lisa. Neither did I take that long without writing to her. Whatever she bought me, I made sure it was kept in the safest place. During the lengthy third term holidays when our families travelled upcountry, I would frequent their home, for I couldn’t withstand spending 10 months without meeting Lisa, since I was always under Dad’s curfew. One evening while I was on my way to the football pitch, I coincidentally met Lisa’s Mum as she was heading to her home.

“Roland, you and your sister had better behave and stop whatever you are doing. From here, I am going to talk to your sister as well,” the old woman told me, with a hint of bitterness. I was confused between many thoughts of a possible biological relationship between Lisa and I and how her Mum deciphered the chemistry between her daughter and I. For a week, I didn’t visit Lisa until the day I manned up and went to her home to find out if there was any biological relationship between us.

My would-have-been mother-in-law informed us of how my Mum and her were cousins and, so, I was accustomed to taking Lisa as my own sister. I was short of words and couldn’t believe that our three-year relationship, filled with moments of passionate kisses and romance, would be history. When Lisa found me in their living room, we hugged tightly as tears rolled down her cheeks.

She wrote me a letter saying she wished she could change the situation. She assured me that she would pray for me to get a girl who would love me as much as she had. All these things only brought me sadness and more tears, especially whenever I recalled the good times I had with Lisa.

It was only through a lot of struggle that I managed to move on.
Problem is, five years down the road, I have found trouble dating and falling in love again.

Roland D. Nasasira
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