Thursday January 9 2014

The girl who stole my heart and ran away

By Eugene Mugisha

For every man, there is always this one girl who got away - the one he would have done anything to get back.
Although some men may get lucky and get her back, most of the time the girl who got away stays away.
When Stella called me, I thought she was coming back. I mean why else would she be calling me?

We hadn’t talked in more than three years because I had cared about her enough to respect her request to leave her alone. Ours was a simple relationship, and for the past three years, there hasn’t been a day I don’t replay the events of the day she left me, every time feeling my heart break again.

She left me because I wasn’t mature, but I couldn’t recognise how she managed to stand out among other women. I had matured over the years, and I wanted a woman to get serious with and settle down, a woman like Stella but no single girl came close to her.

When she called, I ignored my sixth sense warning me that it might not be good. And as fate could have it, Stella was inviting me to her wedding. My Stella was getting married. She sounded happy. I asked her why she was inviting me to her wedding yet she knew how I felt. In a way, she made me realise that her invitation would help me get closure. But I did not want closure, I wanted Stella.

I couldn’t imagine watching her walk towards another man, promising him eternity, and sealing me to a lifetime of wondering how it could have been, had it been me she was getting married to in three weeks. And for the first time in more than 10 years, I cried because I still loved Stella. I cried because even when my mind had accepted that Stella would never be mine, my heart had never let go. I cried because I knew that whichever girl I ended up with, she would never have my heart. There was nothing I could do or say to turn the events of the day she left me.

On her wedding day, looking angelic and even more beautiful than ever, she smiled for everyone. But there was that moment after exchanging the rings, when she turned and looked at me and she smiled, for me.

She was begging me to let her go and that was when my heart was at peace. I was able to smile back, hope returning to my heart that maybe, just maybe, I might have another chance to find happiness, in a woman even more special than Stella.