Friday March 9 2018

The houseboy and feelings for his master’s girlfriend

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It was nothing surprising - or new - for a man to develop feelings for a woman. Net photo 

By Eugene Mugisha

See, the man works for the girl, he is in fact her houseboy; a casual labourer who cleans the house, mows the lawn, and doubles as an errand boy. And he is crazily in love with the girl, but he cannot tell her. And the girl knows this, even her friend notices this, and tells her about it.

So, Frank - that is the casual labourer’s good name - is contented with admiring his boss - Samantha - from afar. He takes peeks at her as he cleans and moves about, does his work perfectly, is attentive, and goes to great lengths to make sure whenever she needs him he is available.

All this he does with an attentiveness that makes her friends tease her about him. And it was all funny until her boyfriend came over one day and told her to fire the guy.

Her reaction surprised her. She straightforward told him she was doing no such thing! Why fire the poor guy, he was the best she had ever had, and he had done absolutely nothing and she was not firing him. When she finished telling him off and went silent, she was shocked at how strongly she had reacted. And that was not lost on him either.

He gave her a long look and without saying anything else about the matter, he stood up, told her he would pick her up at six and left. Then she realised she had not asked him why he wanted her houseboy fired.

But the answer came presently inform of a phone call from her best friend. Josephine asked Samantha what she had just done to her boyfriend because the guy had called in a highly agitated state of mind.

“About what?”
“About that houseboy of yours”.
“And what about him? What has the guy done?”
“Your boyfriend got the idea in his head that the man had romantic ideas for you. And now he has confirmed it. And he thinks you have feelings for the guy as well.”
“Yeah. He says you just told him off when he asked about your houseboy. That you were rude to him, with a lot of passion, it was very disturbing.”
“But he wanted me to fire him! And I simply said no. The man has not done anything wrong, why should I fire him?”
“Well, he is hitting on you. That is something. Your boyfriend is very bothered.”
“Oh my goodness!”
“Yeah. So, has he hit on you yet? Let me come over and we talk properly.”

And so Josephine headed over to Samantha’s, but before she got there, Samantha had done her own soul searching. The truth was; she was aware of the casual worker’s inclinations, just like a woman is able to know when a man has interest in her even if he does not say anything and tries to act normal. This was all right, as long as it did not become a problem between the two of them.

It was nothing surprising - or new - for a man to develop feelings for a woman. But what was surprising was when Samantha realised she ‘might be harbouring feelings’ for him too. Might, because she was not certain about how she felt about him. The houseboy was in fact very handsome, much more handsome than her boyfriend. The only thing her boyfriend had over him was education, and obviously money. Everything else, casual labourer scored higher.

By the time Josephine arrived, the issue was no longer “what is my boyfriend talking about?” But rather, “do you think its ok for me to date him? The casual laborer I mean.”