Thursday July 10 2014

The near engagement

By Cathy Bagaya

A wedding is every girl’s dream. From the time we start understanding and playing dress up from the time we are seven years, all we think of is when we are going to walk down the aisle, but secretly I think it is all about that big white gown. We dream of the design, the length of the train and wonder if the women in attendance will look at us in envy.

That time had come for me too, and all I could think of was my white gown. I had been window shopping for the longest time and I had envisioned the dress I wanted, seen the look of admiration on my future husband’s face and the envy that would flourish in the eyes of those present in church, but all I was waiting for was Tim. Tim and I had dated for three years while at university and he was my first love and I was his too, so naturally I had no doubts I was ready to start a home with him.

It was my 25th birthday. My day had been quiet, no one had sent me any message except my dearest mother who is now living in the UK. I did not understand what was going on with everyone in my life; had they forgotten that it was my favourite time of the year? I wanted to call each person that I cared for deeply and make noise but a little voice rebuked me and instead I got a better idea - I wasn’t going to do anything, my silence would make them feel guilty.

My day finally ended and I made my way home, but the journey seemed longer than my usual trips with jam and the city chaos. Finally I reached home, and all I wanted was to take a shower, dress up in one of my glamorous dresses and sip some wine as I watched movies. Switching on the light in my living room, I almost passed out when I saw a crowd waiting for me. Tim was laughing so hard he was happy that he had done the one thing that I challenged him to do… Surprise me! Hugs and kisses from my loved ones, and presents was all I was getting from the moment I entered my house. I could not push the tears away, I was overwhelmed by the love surrounding me.

The party was done, and finally Tim and I were alone. My apartment was a mess but that was an issue for another day. Tim hadn’t given me my present yet and I was getting paranoid. He knew I loved presents, so why was he keeping me on tenterhooks? I couldn’t wait anymore but before I could say it, Tim presented me with a tiny box. My eyes almost fell out of their sockets. For a minute there I lost my breath; “How did he know?

Oh my God it was finally happening!” I picked the box from him and opened it, inside was the most beautiful pair of earrings that I have ever seen but I couldn’t help the disappointment that was on my face. I wanted to shout at him and tell him that I wanted a ring not earrings but like they say, there is a time for everything. And although I was disappointed that night, I haven’t stopped dreaming of my beautiful gown.

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