Sunday June 29 2014

The sweet proposal on phone

The entourage poses for a photo at the Baha’i Temple.

The entourage poses for a photo at the Baha’i Temple. 

When and how did you meet?
Chris: We met in 2009 during the leadership and integrity course at Kyambogo University. I helped carry her seat back to the lecture room and she carried my books.
Violet: We met at campus while attending a short course about ethics and integrity at the university chapel.

So, when did the two of you eventually become close?
Chris: It was in 2010. The love to attend church-related activities such as singing in the choir and being a member of the church brought us closer.
Violet: It was in 2010 since both of us were involved in different church activities and he seemed to enjoy my company. Whenever he was going to church, he would call and find out whether I was also going so that we could go and come back together.

Did he propose to you?
Violet: Yes. He proposed on June 19, 2010, at around midday on phone. I knew it basing on the sweet words he was whispering to me through the phone. It was an interesting moment. His voice was smooth and calm. I cannot tell you the words he used because that is my top secret.
Having known him as a gentleman, I said ‘yes’.
Chris: It was a Saturday afternoon when I picked my phone and proposed to her. She did not let me down. I was at home, relaxing when I called her and all over a sudden I asked her whether she would marry me. The time I felt like proposing to her, I wasn’t close by. That is why I used the phone.

Why did you choose to propose on that day?
Chris: On that day, I felt she was ripe for it and I believe she could take the
message with love.

What attracted you to each other?
Chris: Sweetie Violet has nice hair and she is so intelligent. I saw a responsible wife in her.
Violet: I must admit, Chris is handsome and he is a born again Christian. That kept us close.

What was your budget and how did you raise the funds?
Chris: Our wedding budget was Shs18m. We were able to raise that money through friends and family members.
Violet: It was between Shs15m to Shs18m. We were able to get that money through keeping our wedding meetings lively and with lots of eats and soft drinks. Our friends, workmates and most of all, we achieved all that we had invested in and we are happy that God allowed this to happen.

Did you hire a wedding planner?
Chris: No, we planned everything with the help of relatives and friends.

What was your theme colour and why?
Chris: Purple and yellow. Because purple means Violet, my honey.
Violet: We chose purple and yellow. Purple means Violet while yellow means we are the light of the world through Christ Jesus.

Were you disappointed in any way on your wedding day?
Chris: No, not at all. Everything moved on as we wanted it. Many times, photographers and videographers disappoint but I was happy with Momu Events, who did our photography and videography. They did professional work.
Violet: No, I wasn’t in any way disappointed, everything was excellent.

Where was the reception and why did you choose it?
Chris: The reception was at Fair Mile Hotel Gardens, Kyebando. The place was convenient for our guests.
Violet: We had our reception at Fair Mile Hotel Gardens Kanyanya-Kyebando. It was near our new home and convenient for our guests.

What did you enjoy mostly and why?
Chris: The organisation and the joy at the wedding. I couldn’t believe that all the people I saw had come to witness us formalise our marriage.
Violet: The gospel music was what we dreamt of. The DJ played music that gets your feet off the ground. No wonder we danced like no one was watching.

What were you doing on your wedding eve?
Chris: I was just relaxing, but praying to God that everything goes as planned since my friends had taken over all the responsibilities of the wedding day.
Violet: I spent most of the time interacting with relatives and friends who were giving me advice on how to go through the wedding day. They advised me to be confident and calm.
Did you have any butterflies in the stomach before church time?
Chris: No, I was only waiting to see her.
Violet: Of course, I was excited and waiting for that moment when I would place the ring on Chris’ finger.

What was going through your mind during the wedding ceremony?
Chris: I was amazed at what the Lord was doing.
Violet: I was filled with gratitude to God for the marvellous wedding. He had done for us.

Did you go for premarital counselling and what did you learn from it?
Chris: Yes, never to relax as far as loving my wife is concerned.
Violet: We attended it for a month. I learnt that love is deciding to do acts of kindness for my family, especially my husband, even when it feels hard.

Did you think of going for honeymoon as vital and why?
Chris: Very vital. We went to Ben’s Beach off Entebbe road and we spent about Shs800, 000 and had a lot of fun. We celebrated my wife’s birthday during our honeymoon.
Violet: I needed to spend time with my honey alone day and night, and to know more about him so as to love him better.

What is your advice to newly married couples?
Chris: Trust God in all things and never relax as far as loving each other is concerned.
Violet: Trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understanding of things, where there is a vision, there is provision.

Where did you shop for your attire? Were the prices friendly and what did you spend on most?
Chris: I shopped two months to the wedding. I bought the attire from one of the shops in Kampala. I can’t remember the shop number but it was at Pioneer Mall. I was very excited together with my best man Robert. It was all joy as we bought them.
Violet: Since I didn’t have time, I got my gowns from Kasangati because it was near my work place. I only spent Shs1m on two gowns, changing dress and shoes.

Was it costly?
Chris: It was affordable.
Violet: It was within our means and catered for by budget.

Who did the decoration and how much did they cost?
Chris: Harriet Nyakaana did our decoration at Shs1.8m.m

Who made your wedding cake?
Chris: Mama Kakembo in Mpererwe as she was near the reception venue. She made it at a reasonable price, which I don’t want to disclose.
Violet: My husband knows the
details, I only chose colour for icing sugar.

Where did you buy your wedding rings?
Chris: From Uganda House but I can’t
remember the shop number.
Violet: Chris Amooti has details for the rings, though he bought two pairs.

What are the rings made of and how much did they cost?
Chris: They are gold-coated and both cost Shs500,000, which was paid by a friend.

Did you have any debts after the wedding?
Chris: I used to think it was impossible, but ladies and gentlemen with God all things are possible.
We did not remain with any debts. Thanks to God for all our friends, family members and Kampala Bible revelation church.
Violet: Not at all, God provided to the smallest details. We have always lived a debt-free life.

What makes a wedding successful?
Chris: Proper planning and reliable friends.
Violet: Plan early enough and do not be overtaken by the latest expensive trends.