Thursday April 3 2014

The thing about men in uniform

They say there’s something about a man in uniform; that women love to date soldiers. I couldn’t agree more. There’s something masculine and macho about them - all you ever want is to hug them in their camouflage uniforms and have them wrap their hands around you like their sweet little thing.

The way they smile with their eyes, it feels so genuine. They give you an impression of safety - at least for the few I have met. Women are known to look out for men who have the potential to assure them of protection whenever, wherever. And who better to do that than someone with martial arts training and a gun within reach?

But is this all a lie? Is all the macho man in these men farfetched? Once or twice, we have heard of cases where soldiers and other security personnel turn guns on the people they love, and then on themselves or run into hiding. I have come across a couple of girls and men who fret at the thought of dating a soldier.

They will feel terrified for a week if one made a pass at them because they can’t imagine the thought of going to bed in a house with a gun next to their bed, let alone wake up next to someone who has just returned from a war-torn zone and is susceptible to endless nightmares.

These women’s fears can be justified in our feature today, where we look at some of the men in uniform who have lost their cool in the name of love.

Most of these cases, however, involve extra-marital affairs, the woman cheating or the man being confronted.

True, there is something about a man in uniform; they love too much and also carry a gun! So, could it be a case of too much love or the inability to control a flaring temper? Read on!