Thursday January 30 2014

There’s always one to lean on

By Rosie

Have you ever had a problem in your relationship and you just seem not to know where or whom to turn to? The silent solo prayers in your bedroom don’t seem to be answered, your partner seems too busy to talk to you, your siblings are younger, you feel they shouldn’t know you are suffering or that they won’t know how to help, your parents are too old to be bothered and you just don’t feel you trust your friends enough. Each day seems to be dragging on and the problems don’t seem to go away. What do you do? Lock yourself up and watch 1,000 Ways to Die or keep hoping your prayer will be answered?

It is true when we are faced with problems, we always feel low and troubled, and the end seems near. But have you ever been in a situation you consider so tough to handle, until you meet someone in a worse situation?

I don’t know where the Christians got the idea, but I would believe the concept of fellowships/cells was conceived to help people share problems and help one another. During these cells, people meet, often weekly, and discuss different issues. The marrieds’ fellowships might be one of the many cell groups that may come in handy. In marriage, there’s always that problem you won’t raise with your partner, or something the two of you don’t seem to agree upon or that your significant other may treat as trivial, not worth discussing.