Thursday July 17 2014

This girl keeps dodging my advances

The problem
Dear Heart to Heart, there is a girl I love, but she has refused to tell me how she feels. Whenever I ask her, she says: “I don’t know”. The problem is sometime back, she was good to me, but now her behaviour towards me has changed. Sometime back I confronted her and asked her to tell me if it’s Yes or No, but she just told me that whenever her sister saw us talking, she became jealous. When I asked her what her response to my advances would be if her sister was out of the picture, she said: “I don’t know”. Does she have another man? Please help!
Your solutions
It is clear she is not into you. A woman who wants you does not need to tell you ‘yes’, things happen automatically. So you will get hurt, no point of sowing where you will not reap.

Vincent darling, warm up for the road. This girl will cook all stories to keep you at bay, but eventually she won’t be yours. Don’t waste your precious time, believe me we’ve been there and the truth is she has a man. Watch out, don’t buy your way to love for you will spend to the last coin without making a point to her.

Take three physical steps back, five steps back and 10 emotional steps back. That way you will reason with the brain and judge for yourself. Godspeed!

Who in her right mind does not know how she feels towards someone? Stop wasting your time and move on. There are other far much better girls out there. The world is yours to conquer. Take a leap.

Back off for now and give her time to sort her feelings out. Don’t call, text or bring up the subject the next time you see her. If the tables are meant to turn, they will. If it is not meant to be, move on, feelings do change.

Just take it slow you might even be pestering her. Be patient and give her time, it is common for us girls to act that way.

The answer is you are out of the picture. She is driving a Range Rover sport while you are still driving a vitz. Sorry, just try your luck elsewhere. Go to your knees brother, because God promises to give you accordingly. He owns the many girls in the world and before they think, he knows what each will say and believe him for the best.

That happened to my workmate and in the end the girl had another man. I suggest that you leave her and look for another woman.
Her sister cant stop anything between the two of you. I think she is not really interested in you but is trying to inform you to try her sister instead.

Don’t ask her any question again. When she is tired, she will be the one to ask you what is wrong. Also tell her you don’t know, then wait for her response.

My dear, why waste your time and effort on someone who does not value you, let alone fails to reveal her feelings for you?

Nowadays girls behave like that. My brother, there are many women who are interested in you, so just leave that fool and go for another woman better than her. Wish you well.
She is in love with another man. Abakazi tobanyi? That is why they get mental problems when they are disappointed.

I like it when a man says a girl is hard to get. If she was nice to you, may be it is because you had ignored her. If that’s not the case, then get it into your mind that if a woman does not love you it is when she can stay away from you. Women never stay away from the men they love.

Man, that is a loss unless you are waiting to see her introducing another man for you to accept that she no longer loves you.

What belongs to you will always come back to you and that which is not yours will always remain at a distance. Be a man of flexibility. If she is truly testing your love for her, then she will follow you. But she will remain wherever she is if she does not love you.

Next week’s problem
Dear Heart to Heart, I have been in several relationships, but always ended up so hurt. The most recent, however, yielded a baby boy, who is now seven years old. I separated from his father for fear of contracting HIV/Aids since he had numerous partners. I took a two-year beak from dating and later met someone, but after two years, I discovered that he was a con man, who had been jailed many times.

I was hurt so bad because I loved him. I took another three-year break and God sent me another man; very understanding, caring, loving, and he loves my son too. I love him but I am scared of showing it because of my past experiences. He has a daughter from his past relationship and I love her. Please advise me because it seems like my past is about to make me lose this heaven-sent angel.