Thursday August 28 2014

This lustful new kid at work

I am no philosopher, but if there is any truism that holds water, it is that there is no love with lust, especially with men, and anyone who says otherwise has experienced neither.

Three weeks ago I met Linda, a new ‘kid’ in the company. She was seated at the managers’ desk getting oriented. This girl donned a body-hugging black dress and naturally, my mind wandered. Such a pretty little thing!
She must have noticed, because when I looked at her, she had this mischievous smile and she winked at me (I think). The manager asked me to show her around, and added, “take care of her, she is your responsibility”. This time I swear she winked at me!

I felt in trouble. I quickly ran through the available options; ignore the simmering chemistry between us, after all I am a pretty level-headed guy…most of the time - just go with it, or have a serious conversation about what was going on between us. As we left for the lift, I got a full view of the curves and legs. That is where option one flew out of the window. “Lovely dress, you look gorgeous!” I started.

“I bet that’s the line you use on every new girl,” she replied.
“Not unless they are called Linda and wear gorgeous little black dresses,” I said. “Is that why you were staring and drooling at me earlier?” she replied.

“Staring and droo..ooling?” I stammered. “Yes, I almost had to collect your jaw off the floor.”
“You know what, let me make up for my bad manners, how about dinner after work?” I replied.
“If you take care of me well today, you may have more than just dinner,” she said, with a twinkle in her eye, and walked off. To be honest, the rest of the day was blurry; I remember willing the clock to move faster to 5pm; stolen glances, coy flirting, winks, and little touches. Our workmates thought we knew each other from before.

Frankly it was quite surreal; that feeling of doing something and you have no idea how it is going to turn out or if it is right, ethical or stupid. At 5pm, instead of dinner at a restaurant, we picked take away and headed to my place. I still wasn’t so sure where this was headed but I had gleefully signed up for the ride anyway and didn’t want to chicken out now. When we reached home, I simply threw the takeaway on the table. All that sexual chemistry that had been bubbling under the surface just exploded, like in the movies.

And then she said “I love you”, I thought I had misheard, then she repeated: “I love you”. I paused. A tiny little devil urged me to just say “I love you too” and get on with it but call me old fashioned, I think anyone (whatever the circumstances) should only say, “I love you” when they mean it. Just like that, the bubble burst and all was left was awkwardness…oceans of it.
Meanwhile at work, it is even chillier than at the North Pole.

By Herbert Mwesigwa
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