Thursday February 11 2016

Dating: Three days of Valentines Day celebrations to end with boat cruise


By Eugene Mugisha

This year, I am going all out. I have realised that this is the greatest love of my life, and yet for the Valentine Days we have been together, I have never really gone out of my way for her.
Yes, we do the ordinary dinner thing, but so does everyone else. So, I have been plotting my strategy this Valentines Day to make it a bit different.

To be honest, I am not a big fan of Valentine’s, and other such days, but in the true sense of opposites attract, she literally lives for the day. I have noticed her get increasingly anxious about it, probably because I am not saying anything about it all.

She must be very worried that I might just let the ‘great day’ slip by. Yet she has given me hundreds of clues that Valentines Day is once again upon us, and we shouldn’t let it go to waste, for our love’s sake.
From subtle, barely noticeable clues like changing her WhatsApp status to a red rose flower, to heavy-handed signals like drawing up alternative plans for the day and asking me to choose which would be best for us.
Until now, I have expressed only minimal interest in the subject, and consequently, I can see her getting more worried with each passing day, I am concerned she might fall sick; which would be a disaster because I have a surprise planned for her. One that would make her plans look like child’s play.

See, instead of just one Valentine’s Day, I am going to give her three days of Valentines, ending with a boat cruise. It will probably bankrupt me, no, I am certain it will bankrupt me. But, I think about it all, from a bigger perspective and ask myself, if I can’t do this for the one I love, what else would I do it for? What am I living for, what am I working for?

Starting Friday, I am going to make each day an entire Valentines Day for her, until the boat cruise on Sunday.
For Friday, we shall have the movie and dinner thing that most people do on Valentine’s Day itself, complete with flowers and wine. Saturday, we shall go away to Jinja to a resort, for an exquisite day of saunas and steam baths and rafting experience. Of course, this will be followed with dinner and wine.

But the real deal is to be saved for last; the boat cruise to the islands. That has cost me a pretty penny, considering that it is invite only, very exclusive, with a five-star experience.

And I have already bought what we shall wear I am keeping it a friend’s so she doesn’t accidentally find it. I saw her eyeing a pair of shorts some time back, although the price tag was prohibitive. But for Valentines, anything and everything for my lady.

Now, remember this, I am not a fan of these kind of things. But, I have realised something; it is not for me or about me, it is all about her. And so, I am going to play the perfect ‘Mr Lover Lover’, and when all is said and done, I shall have lived.
Life is short, love with everything you have got, hold nothing back.