Thursday May 29 2014

Time to go wild for love’s sake

 Tourists enjoy a tour at the Masai Mara in Kenya.

Tourists tour Masai Mara in Kenya. PHOTO BY EDGAR R. BATTE 

By Mike Ssegawa

There are times you may suffer burn out syndrome in your relationship. It is normal. Also, there are times you may feel like your love life is blossoming. That is also normal. That’s the nature of life; the sun rises and it sets.

However, when the sun in your love life goes to sleep, never follow it. You must find ways to ignite it.
A relationship can survive without sex, children or money, as long as the two of you connect at friendship level.
Friendship is priceless. That is the purpose of courtship, probably the reason it is the most interesting part of a relationship.
Remember those days when the two of you understood and enjoyed the silence of the other? You walked hand-in-hand on those dusty roads (in case you were privileged to grow up in a rural setting like me).

So when things start falling apart, I wonder why people never consult the notes that got them together.

Today I need to get you into the wild. The idea of getting away with your partner may sound expensive, but I know you can save up.
If you think spending a penny on a trip to a game park, beach, nature walk in Mabira forest, fishing or sitting by the river is expensive, think again. Now, is it more expensive than losing the love of your life?

Nothing beats moments out in the wild; watching game together, dining in the bush as the sun sets - a sundowner, and the silent magic nights in park lodges, where only sounds of birds and roars of lions are heard.
Last week, I took time off with colleagues to unwind in the jungles of Maasai Mara and later in the Indian Ocean, where we went swimming with dolphins and scuba diving. There I met a couple in their 60s. They told me that they had five grandchildren. They looked happy and connected.

They went scuba diving hand-in-hand. I would not help admiring them - even as they smiled back to the Dolphin dhow from the deep sea at Kenya’s South Coast. I bet you are picturing yourself, huh!

Most of us think going to the game parks is a thing either for children during school trips, or, for the muzungu who saves for a lifetime to come to Africa to see these animals.

The best we do is go for dinner at a hotel, or drive to the beach in Entebbe at the weekend. Too brief!

You may not go to the Mara or the Marine Park in Kenya, Uganda itself is gifted with lots of parks.

The Murchison Falls, for example, is a wonder of nature. We have Queen Elizabeth in Kasese, Kidepo in Karamoja, Lake Mburo on your way to Mbarara, and many others. Jinja is the best town with so much to offer your love life; the source of the Nile, Samuka Island on Lake Victoria or the water falls beyond Bujagali.

My best experience in the Ugandan jungle, I can say, was in Kisoro when I went gorilla trekking in Bwindi. Such moments are cherished forever.

It is time for you to step out of the busy environment and routine – conspire with nature to recapture your spouse’s attention.
Like a friend loves to say, when you are away from your town, family and work, there are few distractions and you can have time to talk to your partner; about each other, that quarrel you had months back and much more.

It is at such times that you can tell your partner that you appreciate the time they spend with the children. And if you want to say you need more sex, there is no better time and place.
In Mara, I admired the young Kenyan couple who had come from Nairobi for their honeymoon. I am sure God will bless their marriage; they looked over the moon.

Lest I forget, nothing beats a sundowner or a dinner in the wild with your loved one.

Imagine walking in the wild together, with sounds of animals in the background as they embrace the dusk, enjoying your sundowner, sipping on your desired cocktail while enjoying a dance troupe shake away as the night closes in.
Well, last week still plays fresh in my head, and just imagine what cherished moments you would experience if you experienced this with someone so dear, someone you love. Go get wild!