Thursday January 23 2014

Valentine’s: Win a night at Rain Forest Lodge


Valentine’s promotion. It’s about 21 days to Valentine’s Day and Heart to Heart together with KFM have something special for you and your loved ones. We have run some of the letters we received for your most memorable romantic experiences and Sheila Wamboga gives you a sneak peak of what the lucky couples who win will enjoy when they go to the RainForest Lodge in Mabira.

When I set out to go to the Rainforest Lodge in Mabira, I did not know what to expect. Set in the heart of a hardwood forest, I was torn between wearing running shoes (just in case) or slip-ons.
After a long debate with myself, I settled for slip-ons. When we turned off the Kampala-Jinja Highway, my heart skipped. But the 2km drive put my mind at ease. The breeze was different and pleasant. The leaves swayed lazily.

Once inside the sanctuary, Samuel Tesfa, the marketing manager of the Rainforest Lodge, told us the rainforest has its own microclimate that changes quickly. It felt like being in a place with well-regulated air conditioning; just when it seems to get chilly, the sun peers through the trees. It is a cosy atmosphere, ideal for lovebirds. The structures are unique and create a stunningly beautiful atmosphere.

After settling in this new tranquil setting, I felt ready to face my fears as we were organised for a one-hour trek through the forest. Being beginners, we chose the easy trail. It was such a beautiful experience. Our guide was kind enough to explain the different tree species and their significance. My favourite would be the love portion, which apparently “hooks” your partner. I wanted to see some wildlife but I guess all the animals had gone shopping.

The environment and service at Rain Forest Lodge keep you guessing. When we returned from the trek, we were spoilt for choice on what to eat. I settled for lamb cutlets with mint, served with rice and chapatti - succulent meat I must say. The lodge serves an international cuisine, which you can enjoy from any of the four dining areas.

After our five-course meal, we went for a siesta. Being the Valentine’s promotion, we got the double room ensuite with luggage racks, comfortable seating areas, balconies overlooking the forest, and windows that provide a great view of the forest. Everything from the breeze was natural. We had a bouquet of roses, chocolates and a bottle of champagne. No TV sets, so guests can have plenty of time to enjoy nature and your partners.

At the spa, an in-house masseuse was on standby. As the night draws close, it starts getting chilly and you’ll need to get to your cottage. By the time, I check out of the facility, one thing is for sure, RainForest Lodge is a place you need to experience with your loved one.

To win a chance, join the 93.3 KFM Facebook page and post your most memorable romantic experience or listen to the K-Zone with Jaq Deweyi from 8pm-12am. You could also recommend a couple you think deserves a treat. Good luck!

I was his queen from day one

It all started on September 16, 2012. I met this fascinating, loving, caring and understanding man who treated me like a queen. On his 33rd birthday, we went out for dinner down town and later spent the night in a fantastic hotel. We took a bath together, then he carried me to bed and treated me like a baby. Last year when I won a fully-paid trip to South Africa, I had an opportunity to choose someone to go with.

I called him and he was too excited. We spent some time in Johannesburg, visited Nelson Mandela’s home where he stayed before he was jailed and it was really beautiful. We took a flight to Cape Town, where we were treated like queen and king, went for wine tasting, beautiful beaches and had the most romantic nights at 54.
Phiona Katutu

I bought her rolex and soda for valentine’s

Back in 2011, my girlfriend called me asking for her Valentine’s Day present. Poor Tony, I had only Shs1,000 in my pocket. Because I did not want to disappoint her, I borrowed some money from a friend, which I haven’t paid to date by the way. I bought 1 litre of soda and a rolex of six Eggs and three chapattis and packed them. I called my girlfriend and asked her to dress up so I could take her “out”.

I must admit she looked breathtakingly wonderful in her black and red outfit. We walked up a hill, sat and joked around. When time to exchange gifts came, I presented my gift, which she accepted with one heart. I apologised for not having had money but I would have loved her to be in some expensive place. She said it was okay as longer as we loved each other. I was touched and excited.
Tonny Kanye

I taught him how to dance

My sweetheart took me to his place for the first time and after lunch we decided to watch a movie. But since the movie was boring, he played music and asked me to get up and dance. Since l love dancing, l did not refuse. So, as we were dancing, l noticed that my Sweetheart was just jumping around. I laughed and told him: “sweetheart, slow down. You don’t know how to dance, let me teach you”. He laughed and felt embarrassed. As l was teaching him, it felt so romantic because his body went wherever l took it, although he was stiff.

We held each other’s waists and stared at each other with too much love. l used to fear him holding me but that day l didn’t shy away. As we got closer, the chemistry became unbearable and l tried to peck but he grabbed me and kissed me. l fell in love with him even more. It was such an unforgettable romantic moment. l was 17 and he was 22 then, and now I am 20 but our love grows stronger everyday.
Jenipher Mugabi