Thursday February 13 2014

What are you doing for love?

By Rosie

Whenever I think of Valentine’s Day, there are certain things that will definitely come to mind; Roses, chocolates, sweet scents, wine [I like wine], get-aways and love - so much love. Whether you are in a relationship or not, somehow there is a way the bug bites you - you somehow unconsciously feel the hype, perhaps after receiving that rose and chocolate bar from your boss...

This week, the Heart to Heart magazine and KFM had the honour of choosing seven lucky couples who will enjoy a night of pampering, romance, fun and love at two separate exquisite lodges out of town. For those who participated but didn’t win, better luck next time! We would have loved to spoil all of you, but as you all know, ...the economy.

Anyway, among the lucky seven, one couple really stood out for me. To imagine that Peter and Prossy have been together for 37 years and still feel that fire to enjoy a romantic get-away was such a lovely gesture. It’s even more inspiring to learn that Peter hand-delivered his letter, detailing their last most romantic moment. It is such experiences and stories that give us hope that true love really exists and never fades. And I am glad that Peter and his flower, as he fondly refers to Prossy, will be out with some young couples, and I am hoping they will have time to bond and share a few tips.

As we celebrate love tomorrow, I hope that each of you will take the time to give your all, smile, laugh, play, cuddle and feel free in love. Seize the moment and spread the love. And if there is anyone stopping you from rocking your red, black or white details for the day, ignore them. Love rules!
Happy Val’s Day!