Heart to Heart

What if the father of your children is a serial killer?

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By Kiliza Akiiki

Posted  Thursday, December 12  2013 at  02:00

I believe that it is every woman’s dream to get married and live a happy life. This means receiving passionate love, care and good children, among other things.

Having a happy marriage also means having good relatives who wish you well and support you wholly, the way my mother calls to check on me, Allan and our lovely daughter.
But what if a woman meets a lovely, caring and supportive man but with no idea of the kind of job he holds?
I recently heard a story of a woman who dated this good looking, caring and supportive man who built a nice house for her parents.

When the time came, they had no choice but to let him have their daughter’s hand in marriage. The man had literally changed their lives, from grass to grace.
When such an opportunity comes through a stranger, I guess the best you can say is embrace it and say, “Thank God!” There’s a likely possibility you will be forced to testify the life-changing experience in front of a big congregation in church.

However, after enjoying the privileges your daughter comes home crying, telling you of how she has learnt that her husband was a serial killer and could not stay with him any longer. This is after she comes across laptops, iPhones, iPads and other gadgets in a secret room filled with blood.

What next?
What would you do in that case? Advise her to stay because she vowed for better or for worse and also because her husband has injected a lot in her and her family?
Won’t her life be in danger? What about the children and in-laws? It is a tight and confusing situation that can leave any woman confused. The thing is, most men may not reveal what they do for a living so long as they play their bread-winning role perfectly.

This is one of those situations where everything changes all of a sudden, especially when you start comparing the past happy memories with your current situation.
I have always asked myself what I would have done in such a situation, after the whole world witnessing our introduction and wedding ceremonies, the days we swore to stick together in good and bad times.

Parents may easily be convinced but what about the other people who are just there to talk and judge?
Explaining to the whole world about what happened might be hard.

Not everybody will be able to understand the kind of situation you are in.
Not to bore you with my preachy self, but when faced with such times, have strong faith; God will make impossible things possible.

Get down on your knees and ask God to make a way. There are strange things that can happen in the due course of attaining happiness and end up diverting people’s minds from the path of success but I truly believe that it is only God who can bring back such people when a situation is totally out of hand.