Thursday January 23 2014

Why strain your man over a wedding if he has no money?

By Kiiza Akiiki

Three months back, a lady pestered her fiancé to wed her. They got married because this man truly loved her and couldn’t miss making her his official wife, although it was a hustle.
I don’t think a wedding is a big deal. The main issue here is how much you have and what you are willing to spend. Normally, when the wedding idea arises, the couple sits down and discusses where or how to get funds.

However, the story was different for this couple. The woman was a housewife, so the man had to solely shoulder the burden of finding money. Poor fellow, he had secured land on which he would construct his house but unfortunately, he sold it in a bid to raise wedding funds.

How unfair some women can get! Poor man was trying hard to make all ends meet; paying rent, water, electricity, hospital bills and school fees, not to mention catering to the in-laws.
Why would a woman want to show off without thinking about what her partner is going through? Okay, people will enjoy the food, appreciate the expensive gown and all, but how would you feel when they start commenting badly about your husband. “She is a beautiful woman but the man looks stressed,” they will say.

Throwing a mega wedding is not my major concern but the debts after. You get to a point of lacking what to eat the next morning because all the money was spent. You made other people happy but there you are yawning miserably. Why end up in such a terrible situation?
A wedding is not supposed to stress people. How about something simple but unique? People will talk but that will pass as other weddings come up.

The most important thing is for you to take your vows and exchange the rings, not the number of guests you invite.
Ladies, stop stressing your men. If he has promised to wed you, let him plan according to what he can afford.

However, it is not bad to advise him where necessary.
All of us would love to do what our friends did or even more but then, ask yourself, will my spouse be able to afford this budget? If yes, well and good but if no, please don’t insist because you might end up having a messed up wedding which you will regret for the rest of your life.

Do something that is within your means and if possible, get involved along with your family and friends.
Make a budget, consult friends and find out how they managed to get through with their functions.

At the end of the day, the wedding is about the two of you. Without you both, it wouldn’t happen, would it? So do what’s best for you and not the others