Thursday March 13 2014

Would you reveal you have an STD?

Jalia Muntu and Alex Kibirige

Jalia Muntu and Alex Kibirige 

By Rachel Mabala & Alex Taremwe

“For us to have a healthy and honest relationship, I would tell him even if it might jeopardise our coexistence. At least it is better than waiting to infect him and letting him find out on his own,” Jalia Muntu, Office Administrator

“I would only disclose that kind of information to my wife so that we seek medical help together, but if it’s a mere relationship of convenience, I would rather keep it to myself or propose a joint blood test in case of HIV,” Alex Kibirige, Courier Personnel

“That would depend. If he is the only one I have been having the affair with, I would tell him but in a situation where I have multiple partners or I know that I haven’t been faithful, I wouldn’t say a word and would rather seek treatment secretly,” Immaculate Stereo, Musician

“No I wound not. Given the fact that the matter is sensitive and likely to wash away our trust bond, I would not tell her such a thing,” Araphat Muhangi; Enrolment Officer, Ec

“I would tell her. The counselling I do at the cancer institute has made it easy for me to approach any form of illness. So I don’t think an STD could be a problem to talk about,” Luzavelt Ojara, PRO Cancer institute

“I would tell him, because I think it’s all about honesty. Of course, the question of how and where it came from would arise but I expect him to stand by me in good and bad times,” Irene Naamajja, journalist

“I would have no problem mentioning it to her. Not all STDs are sexually transmitted, because for the case of women, in most cases they get these STIs from dirty toilets,” Frank Lukyamuzi, artiste

“Ha! I think it’s a question of understanding your partner and expecting whatever reaction they give you. There’s opening up about your STD and your partner doesn’t take it in good faith. But in my case, I would tell her,” Charles Kaganda, Accountant