Thursday May 15 2014

You just never know who the side dish is

By Kiiza Akiiki

In life, many things happen and as time goes by, we tend to get busy. In this case, many of us end up resorting to hiring people to help around with the house chores. Just as anyone in need of a job, this girl (often they are female), or her parents will not tell you about her health conditions. There is a story I witnessed.
Not so long ago, just last week, a female neighbour realised that her husband was sleeping with their house maid, a girl she and her mother, who got the maid, trusted so much.
This village girl worked at the Mukasas’ residence for almost two years. But as you know, the husband ‘salivated’ the moment Namusoke, the maid, stepped into their home - she was a beautiful girl. Mukasa would leave his workplace during lunch hours, to go sleep with the innocent girl.
What’s unclear though, is whether what the maid did next was in revenge for what Mukasa was doing to her, but the girl started abusing Emmy (Mukasa’s seven-year-old first born son). How was it realised? One time when madam returned home late, Emmy had not bathed, so she got him out of bed for a bath, and as she washed him, she saw a very big wound around his genitals. She made an alarm that saw her husband emerge, to see what had happened.

The boy was taken to his parents’ bedroom for check-up. Unfortunately, he couldn’t say anything, although he looked terrified.

He was grilled and scared into telling how he acquired the wound. After they threatened to report to the police, he finally revealed how Namusoke had been sexually abusing him whenever he came back from school.
Mukasa was so hurt, that he found himself strangling the maid, asking her why she did that to his son. Of course she couldn’t say. Later, though, she told her madam the whole truth.

That wasn’t the worst part of the story. Tests done on little Emmy the following morning revealed that he had been infected. “Omwana attuse” (she has killed us), was all Mukasa loudly uttered.
This meant that not only the son had the HIV. So, looking at the situation, you can’t exactly tell who to point the finger at, because it is a chain that ended up putting a little boy’s life in danger, and maybe poor madam too.

Men have a silly mentality that they can’t have the same dish every day. What is that I hear? “I can’t have matooke, sijui, rice every day? I need to change diet.” That’s stupid! (Forgive my harsh language). But take it from me, it always comes back to you, because whatever you do in the dark will always come to light.

Dear women, before you hire a maid, make it a point to take them for several tests, just for safety. Yes, maybe it’s Mukasa who infected her, but we can’t be sure. If this had been done, then probably poor Mukasa wouldn’t have wasted time with the house maid.