Thursday June 19 2014

Your story : Tim’s the best live-in boyfriend ever

By Kayton Kipusie

Even after I was disappointed that he did not propose to me on the night of my birthday, Tim and I are still together, and we still stay in different apartments, as I don’t believe in co-habiting. But we made a mutual decision to have live-in weekends and we made a timetable, where he gets to spend two weekends at mine and the next at his.

It’s not like he hadn’t spent nights at mine before, but the thought of spending a whole weekend together was excitingly different. So as the weekend neared, I went out shopping and planned how our little venture was going to be. I made his favourite dinner and bought a bottle of wine. Since I am good at keeping time, dinner was ready at exactly 8:30pm, but Tim came home an hour later. I had become restless and grumpy in that hour, considering that my calls were going unanswered. I was worried that something had happened to him, only to hear a knock at my door.

He strolled in like everything was okay, apologising for being late, claiming that he couldn’t afford to miss the game, and anyway he knew that we had the whole weekend to ourselves. Tim didn’t understand why I was making so much noise. He had no idea how worried I was when he didn’t pick up his phone, not forgetting the time I had put in to fix his favourite meal to make our first ‘live-in weekend’ memorable, or was it me overreacting?

As if that was not enough, there he was throwing his socks, his tie and the shoes around the living room without care. He knew I didn’t like this. I chose not to say a word and headed straight to bed after showing him where his dinner was. Funny thing was that he expected me to sit there and eat with him, weird right? Couldn’t he see how pissed off I was? I made it a point to let him know that I was disappointed in the way he was handling the whole situation.

I woke up to noise in the kitchen, alarmed that there was someone else in the house. To make it worse, Tim wasn’t in bed with me. I threw on my rob and picked a bat that I keep under my bed. On entering where the noise was coming from, I was surprised to see Tim in one of my aprons, busy making breakfast. Looking around, everything was in order; no socks, no tie on the floor. I couldn’t help but beam with joy, because this was the weekend I had envisioned, and this was Tim’s way of saying he was sorry. All was forgotten and I must confess it was the best live-in weekend I have ever had, and I am definitely looking forward to the next weekend.

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