Thursday November 16 2017

Stop trying to study men, you won’t understand them

women men understanding fail

Regardless of how hard you try, you might never really find out what men want. COUTERSY PHOTO 

By Christine Nakalungi

Many people have experience in various subjects but none has been able to fully understand a human being. Since time immemorial, the human species has been hard to fully understand. You might study temperaments and how the brain works but even so, you may not be able to fully understand why people behave in a certain way.
Men will say women are a complicated species; she says one thing yet means another, her ‘no’ might mean ‘yes’ or the opposite. I believe they have numerous reasons to think that way but since I am interested in men, let us just focus on them.
Dear sister(s) we have tried for years to figure out what men really want and at so many times thought we had mastered them.
I mean, you would think that a woman who has dated so many men with different backgrounds and personalities would be able to help us here but no, even after all that experience, she will still say men are a mystery.
Our mothers and aunties have not saved the situation too. So we are left to figure them out on our own.
You might wonder why a man who has a beautiful and elegant wife with a perfect figure would dare to cheat on her with a house help. Not that a housemaid is less of a woman but you cannot help pondering.
A man will complain about lazy women who just want to play housewives and depend on the husband for every penny they need; but when she is delayed at work, he threatens to stop her if she cannot fulfill her marital duties.
Oh! and lately, men want women who can make the first move but if she boldly does, they gossip about how cheap and shameless she is to friends.
Apparently, this is not a new thing, our mothers and ancestors thought they would be able to fit in the jigsaw puzzle and figure out what male species need but failed. So I pledge that from today, I will not try to figure out what a man wants or might not want. I advise all my sisters to do so because regardless of how hard you try, you might never really find out what men want.
And to my dear brothers, as you get confused by what women want, we also feel the same. Maybe you might advise us and save us from this anxiety.