Tuesday January 21 2014

SUCCEEDING: A team always comes in handy...


By Ethan Musolini

One Sunday, about six years ago, a pastor said something that inspired me. This is what he said: “Alone you can go so far. As a team, you can go further.”. Brilliant. I also started using that line because I believe it’s filled with wisdom.

These days, team building events in different organisations is a big thing. I think finally leaders have been caught on the above fact. A fragmented team will achieve less compared to what they can do when they work in concert. But now, let’s talk about you. Are you part of a team where you are?

If not, it also means you can only achieve so much alone. But, if you work in a team, you can achieve much more. For example, you can learn skills from your colleagues that you wouldn’t have otherwise accessed. A family feeling gives you a sense of belonging which enhances your emotional wellbeing.

In case you are stuck, someone will be on hand to help which is very useful. If it’s a winning team, you will also feel proud of having been part of a great story. You will exponentially impact the bottom line of the organisation you work with as a result of working in a team. Why? Because with team work, one plus one does not equal to two but eleven.
So, how can you practice being a great team member?

Support others
Where someone needs help and you have the capacity and time, step in. After all, it’s the same organisation or community. In future, you could be the one who needs extra help or support.

Ask others for help
If you need support, don’t crumble under the pressure of being a lone ranger. Team members will feel happy to return the favour if you practiced tip number one. This will increase the bond within the team.

Knowledge of issues in the organisation.
Get to know how your actions impact the rest of the team. This will increase your self consciousness in terms of what you should or shouldn’t do.
When you start to look at yourself as being part of the whole system, you will appreciate the value of being a team player.

Improve your skills
Part of being a great member for any team is to make yourself valuable. In fact, aim to make yourself invaluable. One of the ways to do that is to constantly improve your skill sets. Then, people around you will always look forward to having you in the team.

Care for people
Besides offering support, you have to genuinely care for people. Get to know who they are. Know their dreams and challenges. Show empathy. Inspire them. Encourage them. Add value to them.

Work in a team because no person is an island. In the end, you will achieve more and feel happier for having been part of a great community or organisation.

Ethan is the CEO of Success Africa, a motivational speaker, author and HR consultant