Friday March 21 2014

An exhibition of skills you can use


You have heard about friends you went to school with doing inspirational things. One has their own business and is training others and another is giving television interviews on how they made their tenth million in the business they started on their own. You have probably also thought of starting your own “hustle” so you can complement the money your job earnings or so that you can stop looking for a job.

Instead of sitting back and shaking your head just thinking about it, this weekend there is an opportunity for you to do something about it or at least learn, firsthand, how such people are doing it. On Sunday, March 23, more than 20 people will be exhibiting the projects they started in order to empower themselves financially while also helping their community.

“Young people will have access to instant knowledge on how they can start a business using skills they may already have,” Emmanuel Kalyebi, the partnership coordinator of Sawa World, the organisers of the exhibition says on what to expect.

What to expect
From the line-up of exhibitors, dubbed Sawa Sparkles, you will be getting knowledge on mushroom growing, making sanitary pads, bee keeping, paper beads, building eco-fuels stoves and eco-briquettes, chicken rearing, soap making and pineapple jam making. Even if you don’t use these skills to start a business, at least you will know how to make your jam or soap, handy knowledge for that day you find yourself with too much time on your hands.

If your skill is more on the entertainment side –those who are always coming up with songs that only make it as far as a family dinner, you too will be mentored in getting that music to the airwaves and make a career out of it. And you will not be mentored by just anyone but the ghetto president himself, Bobi Wine. The Akalimu singer will also provide the day’s entertainment together with lugaflow artiste Babaluku, so you see that his mentorship is not a “kiwani”.

To top all this off, the event is free so you can just walk into the Sheraton Kampala Hotel gardens between 10am and 6pm and on Sunday and be inspired. Besides, the exhibition, the event will also be the launch of the Sawa World Day, which will be celebrated annually. So go learn something and also inspire others.

Happening Today
Namilyango College has organised a free medical camp for its neighbouring community. The camp is part of the college’s celebration of 122 years of existence and will take place on the school grounds today. “Old students in the medical profession in conjunction with the Uganda Police medical department will again be on hand to provide assistance to the surrounding community members as part of our social responsibility,” Fred Gyavira Kyaka, the old boys’ association president, says.