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Diplock Segawa returns

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Diplock Segawa returns

Diplock Segawa (L) performs with a saxophonist at his Nkomyeewo concert at the National Concert on Monday. Segawa has not performed for a Ugandan audience for about six years but he recently wowed the crowd at his concert. Courtesy Photo. 

By Brian Magoba

Posted  Saturday, December 21  2013 at  00:00

Diplock Segawa’s Nkomyeewo (I am back) concert at the National Theatre on Monday started two hours late, as engineers worked on the sound glitches. Fortunately, his performance was worth the wait, even though he started low on energy and evidently collided with his band sometimes.

House of Talent curtain-raised with a drum ensemble performance, which could have upstaged lesser talents.

Worth the wait
Patricko Mujuuka’s engaging wit readied the audience well enough for Diplock’s arrival and he did not disappoint when he came on.

The two opening numbers, Friendship and Welcome My Friend, lacked performance luster. The higher-octane Tubeere Bumu was what started the show’s upward curve of the aural delight. Obunnanfuusi got both him and the audience worked up with its truth-telling exhortation.

More than anything else, this song cemented his aspiration of putting a moral face to Uganda’s entertainment. His impatience with those who do nothing while evil thrives evidently touched many nerves, the audience egging him on.

Audience thrilled
He had to plead for the applause to die down before he issued a soothing balm with Twayambala Mbugo.

The wedding classic Sooka Omunoonye required an encore, and audience appreciation showed Abakyala Beebazibwe is not just his anthem for International Women’s Day.

Diplock’s protégé, Angela Namaganda, discharged her rendition of his Bansanyusa Nnyo Abavubuka convincingly enough. In turn, he thanked all his mentors, mainly Moses Matovu, and promised to give musical guidance to more Namagandas for his brand of music to live on after him.