Friday April 11 2014

Ebonies to sing about the power of love in new play

By Edgar R. Batte

The Ebonies seek to find their roots in a new play titled Amaanyi G’omuhabati, loosely translated to mean ‘Power of love’. The theatre outfit in its 35th year running is going back to showcasing live music performances the way they did in the late 1970s and 1980s.

So this could be your weekend’s do. Tonight, there are premiering the play at Theatre La Bonita where Vice President Edward Ssekandi will be chief guest. The do kicks off at 5pm.

What the premiere entails
Normally, the premiere is preceded with a motorcade of motorcycle riders frolicking along the Colville Street, from Christ the King Church to Speke Road. You might also want to look out for the lead actors and actresses arriving with pomp and drama.

Sam Bagenda commonly known to theatre goers as Dr Bbossa says they have composed in excess of 50 songs. However, these are way too many songs to accommodate in a three-hour show. He explains that this gives them chance to perform only 15 songs per show.

About the new play
But even as they trace their roots, they are not willing to lose out on their modern-day fame. The overall theme is love presented in a cheeky manner. It is a debate of sorts, tackling the way love is viewed by women of different age groups and social stratifications.

The tagline is “little girls fall for looks and swag, b*****s fall for the money, real women fall for love and loyalty”. The presentation is the surprise. You might want to know what your woman would fall for.
Not to say you should go alone to the theatre to find out. Go with your loved one and laugh if it off. It is all drama, presenting the ups and downs of relationships. How powerful can love be? Actually, people can do different things in the name of love.

This time it is not a plot but different musical and dramatic clusters that all seek to tackle love from different perspectives.

Why they are going back to live singing
Bagenda explains the idea to go back to singing was revisited last year when they released Ensabatula, a music drama that was well received here and in Europe and US.

Some of the lead singers include Paul Jingo, Julie Underwood, Fauziah Nakiboneka, and Bagenda who has a background as a vocalist that grew up in a church atmosphere.

“We decided to go back to singing. We have composed songs. Amaanyi G’omuhabati is basically a musical but we are going to keep rotating the songs in order to accommodate different subjects and singers. We are also launching our world tour,” he added.
Bagenda says The Ebonies are heading to Kigali, London- central London and Birmingham, in Boston in USA and finally in Johannesburg and Pretoria in South Africa.

Title: Amaanyi G’omuhabati (Power of Love)
Group: The Ebonies
Where: Theatre La Bonita
Entrance: Shs30,000
When: Starts today at 5pm and will show the whole weekend at 7pm.