Friday April 4 2014

Film in five dimensions

The audience watching a 5D movie.

The audience watching a 5D movie. 

By Emmy omongin

Just when we were starting to adapt to the 3D experience of watching movies, a 5D cinema made an entrance in Kampala. Cinemax, the first cinema of its kind in Uganda has a cozy 5D theatre that combines all 3D effects, physical and environmental for an ultimate theatre experience.
Unlike in 3D where the curved goggles make characters appear in front of the viewer, 5D is different. It gives you a feel of being “inside” the movie. The seats allow front and back, up and down, left and right movement in sync with the onscreen scenes.

However, the 5D films are not movies per se but rather adventure clips, each with a different theme – a haunted house, a train ride, etc.

Also, the theatre features special effects like strobe lights (whirling lighting), vibrating seats, snow and fog machines. In essence, these effects tend to simulate what is happening in the movie.

For instance, if a wintry scene appears onscreen, the snow machines boot and outputs a few soapy-like snowflakes float through the atmosphere in the theatre. These effects all depend on the film’s storyline.
Eddie Nsubuga, the proprietor of this cinema, says he set it up because he felt there was something unique Kampala was missing. “We wanted something new to attract people in Kampala.”

Nsubuga says he named it Cinemax because one feels maximum cinema experience, good picture and excellent sound quality when they visit it. The cinema is located at Ham Towers opposite the Makerere University main gate. It boasts of three theatres— two 3D cinemas and a 5D cinema.
This facility also boasts of a lounge that acts as the waiting area. You can play video games and pool at a price plus board games like chess, and draughts while having a drink of your choice.

Nsubuga hints that Kampalans are taking long to adapt to this new cinema experience. “We have to explain to the clients how real it is and how it works. I am hopeful with time, they will get used to it,” he says.

“Every day of the week we screen movies specifically for children on three different screens. For children, a 3D movie costs Shs10,000 and a 5D movie goes for Shs25,000. With our three cinemas, one has a variety to choose from on any day of the week. We screen movies from Monday to Sunday, from noon to 9.30pm.
This cinema is surely a good wager for the weekend. It is worth trying in case you would like to watch a movie in the latest mind-blowing three and five dimensions.

Tickets. With Shs30,000, one gets to watch a collection of 5D clips, be it action, thriller or adventure. With this ticket, one gets an extra ticket to a 3D movie showing that day.
Discounts. Also on Thursdays, tickets are sold at a discount. 5D tickets are sold at Shs20,000 whereas 3D tickets are sold at Shs10,000 as opposed to the normal price of Shs15,000. This day, according to Nsubuga, the cinema is frequented by mostly university students.
Cons. The seats in the lounge get filled up fast, especially when students go there to play video games.