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Give Obama a break He’s only human

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By Christine W. Wanjala

Posted  Wednesday, December 18   2013 at  13:34

Following all the talk and drama stemming from President Obama being snapped taking a selfie with British Prime Minister David Cameron and their Danish counterpart Helle Thorning-Schmidt, I have taken it upon myself to give a few reasons why a president taking a selfie at this time in history should be perfectly normal.
Come-on people, it is just a selfie, like the dozens and hundreds a lot of us have taken.

It does not threaten world peace, it does not matter how stone-faced Michelle Obama’s face was at that moment, it only threatens peace in the Obama household, the rest of us are safe. If I was in the same position, sandwiched between two premiers, none of them bad looking, all suited up and stuck in an event that has potential to drag on for hours, with your smartphone, I would do the same and so would others.

Truth of the matter
Obama was just being normal, something he actually tries very hard to show the world. Letting children touch his hair, rolling up his shirtsleeves to try a slam dunk, it is his thing, just like his awesome speeches. Him taking a selfie with his two friends should be no big deal.

In case someone had dozed off and missed it, let me remind you that this is 2013. Presidents and notables are jostling for likes and comments on social media just like us ordinaries. Obama has more than 15 million followers on Twitter alone.
If I know anything about being active on social media, it is that it is a fulltime job. Keeping the account active does not just happen, you work at it, day and night, when you are on official duty and when you are kicking back.

Imagine how much harder the job is for one of the most popular, most followed, most influential men in the world! Where do you think he gets his profile and cover pictures? The pics to tag and share with his friends?

Anyone knows a profile is not complete without a few selfies.How will people know how fabulous your life is, or who you cross paths with, how close you are with a certain prominent person?

It may be very important to remember that above all, Obama is a doting dad. What if that selfie was actually to go back and show Malia and Sasha where he was and who he had hung with? I am sure the girls would love to share such a picture on their profiles assuming they do not question too much why mama who was right by Obama’s side was not in the picture.

Going with the flow
It just occurred to me that maybe it was not even Obama’s idea to begin with. What if the Danish premier, Ms Thorning-Schmidt, is the one who called the two leaders flanking her for a picture?

What was Obama supposed to do? Risk strained transatlantic relations because he does not want to be seen taking a selfie? Of course not, instead he leaned, pulled the ultimate selfie pose; big smile, head tilted to one side and snapped.
Someone gave me a tip on how to take a perfect selfie when you are more than one person, and I thought I will just throw it in here.

The one with the longest arm should take the shot. Does that explain why Michelle was not included in the shot? No, but did I say I have answers for everything in the world?