Saturday November 10 2012

Grimm II: Cop drama with a twist

By Derrick Nomujuni

The series showcases the exploits of detective Nick Burkhardt whose family heritage allows him to see things, in this case, creatures that one would not normally see.

According to the show, for centuries the Grimm ancestors have been what stands between the human race and wesen (medieval creatures with human form but with the ability to change into animal forms). Burkhardt has to deal with his newly found out family secret at both personal and professional levels.

His girlfriend and work partner begin to question his sincerity and their respective relationships with our main character. In the process of carrying out his birth rite duties, Burkhardt makes a bunch of peculiar allies called Monroe, a reformed wesen himself and Rosalee, a wesen with medicinal insight. The second season kicks off with Burkhardt’s girlfriend in a coma as a result of a spell cast onto her by one of the detective’s rivals, Claire Coffee a creature that becomes human after ingesting Nick’s blood.

Attention to detail
The most noteworthy aspect of this show is its constant attention to detail. Nothing is left to chance and the writers make a good effort to make the show believable even if is solely based on fantasy.
The actors add credence to the surreal production with convincing performances and don’t seem to elicit the feeling that you are being taken for a ride.