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Have fun as you camp in the wild this christmas

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some of last year’s campers roast maize as they enjoy the campfire at the beach.PHOTO BY EDGAR R. BATTE 


Posted  Friday, December 20  2013 at  02:00

In Summary

There is something special about camping under the stars at Christmas. Trance Events has an itinerary lined up to help you experience and adventure out this festive season.


Christmas is only a few days away and schedules for the festivities are already out.
Out of the many engagements this holiday season, you could choose to go to the Nile Special Trance Camping adventure that will surely tickle your adventurous side.
It is a five-day treat where you and a loved one, family or friends will find something relaxing to do. It is a time for you to kick off your shoes and get your playful side active.
The organiser, Anthony Yaweh of Trance Events, explains that he is targeting corporates who spend most of their time behind the desk and computer.

“I would like such a person to go out and let off the year’s stress by kicking a ball, play volleyball or take a swim, all this in the wild. It is another reason for someone to get out of their home and town to appreciate the beauty of what lies beyond their nose as they discover the marvelous nature of Uganda, which is truly the Pearl of Africa,” Yaweh explains.

The deal
The camping experience, the annual Nile Special Trance Camping adventure, will go from December 22 to December 26 at Kisubi Beach located along Nabinonya Road in Entebbe.
This is not the first time the camp is being held. The first adventure took place in 2007 and since then it has become an annual event.

Yaweh says he was motivated to start this kind of adventure after experiencing life at Ibiza Island, an island on the Mediterranean Sea and a popular stop for tourists. It is now a World Heritage Site.

The dream
He was working there as a deejay and was wowed by its beauty and culture as people took time to holiday there to enjoy the nightlife and electronic music every end of year.
It was this setting that motivated him to replicate the practice in his motherland Uganda.

He says, “It is all about eating, drinking and socialising with friends or workmates while engaging in various games. You can also pitch camp or dance to the beats after a long year.” One of the reasons you should be part of this, he urges, is it is a good platform to meet chief executive officers or managers in a relaxed environment, do some networking.
For those who do not want to camp, the organisers have a package where one is allowed to come in during the day and go back home in the evening.

To enjoy this package, you will part with Shs5,000 as entrance fee daily. Yaweh adds, “People are allowed to cook or bring in their own meals, including soft drinks. However, mineral water and alcohol is served to consumers, who order from the in-house bar counters. We are cautious not to sell alcohol to the under-aged.”

With all checks in place, this is certainly a fun opportunity for you to grow close to your loved ones while basking in nature this festive season.