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How the camps fared

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How the camps fared

Fans turned up for the show in large numbers, filling Kyadondo Rugby Grounds. 

By Emmy Omongin

Posted  Monday, December 9  2013 at  00:00

There is a lot to learn from the Battle of Champions show that took place on Friday at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds. Musically, you learn that it’s not just about hitting the studio and recording songs that later turn out to be hits. You’re also supposed to sing live music, you ought to engage, relate and work the crowd and most importantly put up an energetic performance. Below is how the artistes fared at the chow.

Stage performance
Both artistes put up quite energetic performances in all their sessions apart from Bebe Cool who performed while seated on a chair in his first three rounds, later saying it was just a rehearsal. This way, he sent a message that he was up against “boys” who were so out of his league. He later fired up the crowd when he became serious and his energy was un-matched. On the other hand, Radio and Weasal throughout their rounds performed with a lot of energy. Radio displayed a couple of repeated dance moves here and there but it was okay. Bebe Cool as usual, only did jumping as he performed.

Live band
Bebe Cool was backed up by his Gagamel Band and Goodlyfe was backed by UB-5 Band. Although his backup singers kept losing key here and there, Bebe Cool was the better artiste when it came to the live band. He had full control and command of his band which was well coordinated as well. Bebe, a couple of times let his guitarist shine unlike the Good Lyfe boys who had all the spotlight on themselves. There was little communication and coordination between Goodlyfe and their band.

Crowd engagement
Both camps had almost equal numbers that showed them full support. Bebe Cool in most of his rounds sent a message to his fans and would relate with his fans, Whereas the Goodlyfe boys were up to making the crowd dance and have fun.

Quantity versus quality
To be honest, Bebe Cool has way too many songs. By the time Goodlyfe was out of songs (that was around 3am), Bebe Cool was just starting to perform his 2008 songs. On the contrary, Radio and Weasal had quality. They dug deep into their song bank and it turned out that most of their songs were hits the crowd would relate with and dance to. Bebe on the other side had too much music including songs from way back.

Strong points
Goodlyfe was on point in their first attire. Hoping on stage in school uniforms and holding metallic box cases sent a message that they were just school children who perhaps had come to learn from the elder.

Bebe Cool pulling a stunt of rehearsing in his first three rounds really demeaned the Goodlyfe boys. It showed that all their first three rounds were up against a rehearsal.

As much as the Goodlyfe boys ran out of songs, it is understandable because Bebe Cool has been in the game much longer than Radio and Weasal. The best part is there was no disrespect for any camp. Both were contenders and fully lived up to their billing.