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I have no problem washing his underpants... he is my man

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By Kiiza Akiiki

Posted  Thursday, December 5  2013 at  02:00

Last week, I visited Sarah, a long-time friend. She had another visitor. In the middle of the conversation, an interesting topic came up. It was about washing men’s underwear. I found it totally normal, provided I am in love with the person - I mean passionately, not pretence.

I wouldn’t mind if he does not wash mine as often as I do his - It is what a loving woman should do. I have to take care of my man, make sure that he is clean and always smart. It will all be accredited to me, his woman.

Sarah and her colleague agreed with me on that but later revealed something. She said sometimes men become stubborn after realising that there is someone who really cares for him.
“I think men need a lesson because when you are good to them, they start acting childish, wearing all the underwear without thinking about getting them cleaned,” she said bitterly.

My friend then talked of a girl who threw away her husband’s white underwear and bought him coloured ones. Her reason was that the man could not manage cleaning them.

The other woman they talked about would re-hang her husband’s dirty undies on the panty peg and make him wear them more than once or twice before washing them.
As they narrated these stories, I realised how inhuman and careless some women can be. I mean, making your man wear dirty underwear exposes you to infection.
The stories these girls shared also reminded me of the time I visited Allan’s place, soaked all his dirty boxers and left. It is not that I did not want to clean them or teach him a lesson, I just failed to wash them as I had to leave quickly. But because he had gotten used to me washing them, he called and asked why I left them soaked.

He did not understand even when I tried to explain. This particular incident raised a serious argument. He thought that I did it intentionally, which wasn’t the case. He perceived it as a punishment.
I then humbly asked him to start washing his underwear whenever he takes a bath. Thankfully, he adopted it and it is working. He no longer piles them like before. I had become tired of quarrelling over the importance of clean underwear; he had even started calling me on the phone just to ask me to wash them.

This might be the same kind of scenarios that are happening in different relationships. Perhaps the best way to overcome it is learning from our friends’ experiences. The arguments and fights that may arise from such simple issues can be avoided. I would suggest that couples talk to each other, and then agree on what to follow.

The fact is that men are big babies, they want to be pampered and I think, it is the only way to prove your love for them. Clean him, feed him and make sure that he is okay and everything will move on smoothly.