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Inside Kitchen Delight Chef Henry Wanyama’ s kitchen

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Inside Kitchen Delight Chef Henry Wanyama’ s kitchen


By Gloria Haguma

Posted  Thursday, June 19   2014 at  01:00

When was the last time you prepared a meal in your kitchen and what did you cook?

It was on Monday and I prepared potato wadges, egg plants and goat’s meat.

Out of all the food items in your kitchen, which one do you find most difficult to cook and why?

Sweet soy sauce because it is hard to balance its sweetness with what you are cooking. You do not want your food to be overly sweet.
And the easiest to cook is……..

Black pepper because if you put a little more than what you need, the effect is not that bad.
Do you normally keep any sort of leftover food?

I rarely do so and during instances where it goes bad, I pour it.
What is the size of your kitchen?
It is three by five

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