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London Ssegwanga premieres today

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By Edgar R. Batte

Posted  Friday, December 13  2013 at  02:00

Duncan has a well-paying job. He is a pilot but has a weakness for women. He is dating four women and is a typical player like he would be christened in today’s slang. He is the centre around which the story in The Ebonies’ new play revolves.
The title of the play has something to explain about the plot too. Ssegwanga means cock in Luganda and we all know that the cock does not stick to one hen, so the title suits Duncan, played by Sam Bagenda.

But unlike cocks, Duncan is in a fix as Bagenda explains, “This is a man who has four ladies who are determined to get married to him. Each lady has her strong points. They are all professional, so it makes it difficult for the man to decide who he should marry.

What’s more is that he is under pressure at work where one of the requirements for him to get a promotion is to get married and he has to produce evidence to that effect.
He adds: “If he won’t get married then he is given the choice of being sent to a war zone since he is considered to have no family ties back at home. To reduce on the pressure and put things right he has to make a choice, and real fast.”

Bagenda says this play is light hearted. “We are bringing awareness about the HIV scourge. Some of the women have terrible backgrounds with a possibility of having HIV. At the same time, we are bringing the dilemma of making decisions.”