Saturday November 24 2012

Pink revolution

By Derrick Nomujuni

There are very few artistes built in the mould of Pink. Her ability to adapt and transcend several musical genres is nothing short of exceptional. Be it Rock, RnB, Hip Hop or Funk, this lady, rough around the edges, always comes out guns blazing.

Her dark and twisted insightfulness is like a breath of fresh air in a musical scene where raw emotion and creativity is at the expense of sales and the search for hit songs. Pay particular attention to one of her previous albums, Fun House; that was definitely a classic in my view. This album had the listener believing and feeling every single note she resonated.

‘The Truth About Love’ may not have the depth of ‘Fun House’ but altogether it is a worthy compilation. With the classic themes of sex, love, heart break and self-reliance taking centre stage, Pink does anything but play it safe, yet still manages to put out a wonderful product.

The album is adorned with a multitude of good songs starting off with her unrelenting and heavy hitting Blow Me [One Last Kiss]. This stereotypical pink song has already enjoyed enormous airplay world over and managed to reach the top 10 on the Billboard charts, one of the most coveted charts in the world while peaking at number one in other world music charts.

She teams up with Eminem on Here comes the Weekend and with Fun front man, Nate Reuss for another scintillating heart felt jam titled Just Give A Reason. There is no doubting that this artist only seems to grow from strength with every project.