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Plan for the family into the New Year

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By  Gloria Haguma

Posted  Friday, December 27   2013 at  02:00

In Summary

This year, instead of making the resolutions for the family yourself, or making none at all, how about sitting down with your partner and children and coming up with plans together?


The festive season brings with it lots of love, joy and merry-making. For most families, it is that time of the year when they come together, and share the joy and pleasantries of the holiday as a family.

As we wind up this year and look to the forthcoming one, it is important that we take time off to reflect on our shortcomings and achievements of the year. As a family, you will need to plan and set aspirations to drive you into the new year.

You could also decide to come up with a system and plans to drive the entire family on a journey of success and positivity.

As the family head, you will need to come up with ideas to get the family together, and be able to plan for the future prospect of the household.
Jane Okot, a wife and mother of four, points out that it is important for the family to draw up these plans, not just for the sake of drawing up a road map for the future, but also a way of getting each and every member of the household involved in the wellbeing of the family.

“Usually during the holidays, we get our family together, and I take advantage of this opportunity, when I have everybody around, and that is when I will bring it up, “she says. She adds that it is easier this way, because it may be close to impossible to gather everyone together again, especially since many are away on work duty most of the time.

“When we are done with the family lunch on Christmas day, then we can all gather outside in the gardens, for some family bonding time, and this is when I will bring it up,” she says.
Samson Bagala, a salesman, says that planning as a family would be a great idea, but given the busy schedules of many of the family members, it becomes hard to have these meetings.

“Everyone is busy with work and other personal business. So usually I try to arrange a family retreat at least twice a year. And I endeavour to see to it that each and every member of the family is present. Invitations are sent out six months ahead of the due date,” he adds.

Make it a fun activity
At the retreat, he adds, there will be lots of fun activities, family bonding, but also they also do some evaluations on the progress of the family.

As a family, you will need to make assessment of how far you have come, any shortcomings of the past year, and future prospects. You may also need to do your new year’s resolutions, not as an individual, but as a family.

This time could also be used to get your children involved in the family planning process, by getting their ideas, and suggestions, and also get to listen to them. Unlike the usual when the two family heads get to do the planning, it would also be a great idea to get the children and the rest of the family members involved. For instance, if you hope to build a new house, it would be a great idea, to get some suggestions from the rest of the family.

If it seems difficult to get the entire family away, on a getaway, then you can take advantage of the holidays, and organise a family dinner. Make the discussion extensive, from the family businesses, the success and progress of each member of the family and many other important topics.