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Poetry: Special Eulogy

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By Robert K. Rutaagi [PhD]

Posted  Saturday, December 21  2013 at  00:00

After 27 years of unwarranted confinement
The 72-year-old Prince of peace -
Nelson Mandela, with supreme dignity,
Walked out of Victor Verster Prison Farm,
More victorious than when he entered.

The Prince of peace, in total humiliation,
He threw all his foes, both black and white.
Out he came more and better motivated
To fight and conquer apartheid in all its forms.

On that memorable day,
Of 11th February 1990,
People waited with gagging anxiety;
Some danced, others stood on their toes,
Feeling no effect of tropical scorching sun.
They sweated and sweated and cried with joy.
Even nature paid sublime attention
To all hilarious events of the day:
Twigs swayed with joy
And permitted birds to sing and dance

On that joyful day,
Clarence Keyster of SABC
And Patrick Greenlaw of CNN of America
Fed the world with hot news:
The release of the Prince of peace-
Nelson Mandela, the freedom fighter,
Who, at the hour of reckoning – 4:15pm,
Gallantly emerged a victor out of Victor -
Verster Farm Prison that held him for years.
Was there a Hero so heroic like Nelson Mandela!
A mortal man who, like a lion fighting from a den,
Did fight apartheid from confines of a prison
For nearly three decades of excruciating pain!
Can poor De Klerk and his fellow guilty racialists-
Tell this world, consequences of Mandela’s release?
If a mere prisoner can win so gallantly,
How much more will black South Africans
Win with all their bastions against apartheid-
And with their Nelson Mandela, as their President?