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Poetry: We Are Waiting

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By Harriet Anena

Posted  Saturday, December 21   2013 at  00:00

We are waiting for the South to crash its woes
To kill tribal worms and heal open wounds

We are waiting for leaders to sieve their words
To denounce neck-twisting and stop war hunting

We are waiting for this country to start walking
To stop bloodletting and plant seeds of oneness

We are waiting for our people to put out fires of fury
To shame aides of hate and demons of destruction

We are waiting for guns to stop singing war songs
To give peace a chance and life an opportunity

We will wait
For no land needs blood to remain fertile
We will wait
For no leader needs rifles to earn praise
We will wait
For not every politics needs to be dirty
We will wait
For this two-year-old state doesn’t have to die now

Why must a people flee their own homes?
Why must they fear to live this life that just began?

Let’s not feed this war
Let’s not widen political cracks
Let’s not shield the light shining on this land
Let’s keep waiting
For South Sudan to walk to the finish line