Tuesday August 26 2014

Prepare for your beautiful future


By Ethan Musolini

Rene Godefroy talks about the value of rehearsing the future and not the past. Why is that important? Usually the past is filled with regret. Not always but a good number of times. Question – have you ever felt energised and pumped to make a greater life after reminscing regret?
I doubt anyone has ever been inspired after swimming in an ocean of regrets? Have you found yourself spending your valuable time rehearsing your negative past? I have. It is not cool at all because I have never found anyone talking about the amazing joy they experienced as a result of such episodes.
And it is a different story when you anticipate your future. Usually our desires for the future are bright because we always strive to be better. You hope that tomorrow is better than today. You plan that tomorrow is greater, happier, grander and more meaningful. Such pictures in your mind energise and inspire. In the process, you stretch. As you do that, the best of you comes forth.
Think about this, when Usain Bolt steps on the track, does he visualise his past failures or future celebration? When Kiprotich is set to run, does he think about all the troubles, poverty and tribulations in his childhood and teenage years or how he will celebrate after beating his competitors? I guess the answer is clear.

So how does one keep preparing the future?
Set goals. Where do you want to go? What do you want to become? Spend some time fantasising about your glorious future. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain if it comes your way. Even if the good you are planning for does not come to pass, at least you can smile knowing that you enjoyed the process.
Think of personalities that inspire you. Look at what they do and what they have achieved. Imagine yourself in their shoes, doing even greater things. Read their biographies. Follow their stories.
Write your script. Become a ‘movie director’ in terms of how you would want your life to turn out. I did this exercise about 10 years ago and it was a beautiful experience. Some things have come to pass and it was worth it. Now that I am talking about it, I better do it again. The way it works is to imagine that you are writing a movie script about your ideal life.
Become a hunter for beautiful pictures. Some call it a dream board in terms of the future you want to lead. Such images will inspire you to take greater action. At least you will stay in the game hoping for greater things. Hope is important. It keeps you going even when the situation is challenging.
Keep the dream for you desired future alive. And may it come to pass as soon as possible. Amen.

Ethan Musolini is the CEO of Success Africa, a motivational speaker, author and HR consultant